I should be awarded!!
|   Sep 15, 2016
I should be awarded!!

India is battling so many issues from North to South, East to West and media is obsessed with Kareena and her pregnancy!! I have delivered and raising two, I should be awarded the "Bharat Ratna"!

Why is the media so obsessed with celebrities, their pregnancies, and their babies?  Well, they are celebrities alright, but as human as we are!  Rather the common woman and man should be applauded much more than these celebrities as they manage everything on their own with minimal help.

Current scenario of India is not looking too good.  We can see unrest in Kashmir, chaos down South, other issues in other states, atrocities against women, incessant rapes, kids being unsafe, etc., etc. and the media daily posts updates about Kareena's "pregnancy bump" and fashion!  Once in a while its okay to read it but daily, please!

Isn't it ironical that when a celebrity is having a baby at 35 she is being appreciated whereas a common woman, including my own sister, when has a baby post 35 they have to hear so many negative things!!

A common woman expecting a baby should  be appreciated more as carrying a baby for 9 months along with doing all activities of home and office, along with managing the older child when its a second child with minimal support and sometimes listening to the atrocious advises is not an easy task.

Celebrities are generally looked up as role models by many, which is a good thing but the media's obsession with them is ridiculous!  Also, its totally disgusting to ask a celebrity about the gender preference!  India is battling discrimination against the girl child and such questions should be avoided.  Don't we all just pray for a healthy baby?

I myself was all alone during both my pregnancies with the sole support of my husband, working till the last day, managing my elder child when I was expecting my second child, taking pregnancy as a perfectly normal thing.  Neither is pregnancy a disease nor an out of the world thing for the celebrities!

Let the journalists focus more on the real women, real issues.  Let them give examples of exemplary women who fight real battles.  

Till then stop glorifying Kareena's baby bump and recommend me for the "Bharat Ratna" for delivering and raising 2 children!!! 


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