Stop judging the new mom--be it a celebrity!
|   Jan 08, 2017
Stop judging the new mom--be it a celebrity!

Somewhere I came across a write-up where Kareena Kapoor Khan was criticized for going out for lunch with her husband.  She was supposedly not following the 40-day confinement rule for the new moms and hence many women were flabbergasted.  Well..aren't all new moms well aware of their bodies?  I will not get into the 40-day confinement argument as I believe its a personal and familial choice every mom makes.  Kareena must have known what she was doing!

I didn't follow the 40-day rule after both my children.  I took my kids to the doctors, went out for a small walk.  After my second child, being in a nuclear setup and having an older child, I remember going back to the kitchen and preparing his school tiffin on the 10th day of my C-section delivery.  I took my newborn daughter to the temple to thank the Lord on the 12th day of her delivery.  This was my personal choice, of course after taking a go-ahead from the doctor.  I will respect the choice of those who follow this rule though.

More than the women commenting on Kareena not following the 40-day rule what was surprising was that she was questioned about her maternal instincts.  Many women commented that after the baby, only he should be the priority and that she should not go for outings and concentrate on the baby.  I was so, so surprised.  Women who have themselves become moms at some point know very well what turmoil the new mom goes through!  Given an option if she has a chance to go out for an hour and relax, what's wrong?  Leaving the baby for 1-2 hours doesn't mean that she is being a bad mother!

In a celebrity's case, there are a lot of helping hands and the mom must have taken care and made all arrangements for the baby!

Due to these judgmental comments, coming not just from the older generation but from this generation moms as well, the new moms go through a lot of guilt feelings when they go out and relax after the baby.  Working moms have to listen to so many things!

I believe one thing no one should forget that nobody cares for the child as much as the mother does.  It doesn't matter if she is a commoner or a celebrity.  Motherhood itself is a big challenge; sneaking in some time for relaxation with the partner or friends is not "not loving" the child or being a "careless mother."  A mother has the right to be happy and rejuvenate herself.  After all a happy mom raises a happy child!  Let her do whatever makes her happy.

Let each mother be...

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