We-Our daughter’s Band-Aid always..
|   Nov 11, 2016
We-Our daughter’s Band-Aid always..

My little daughter is the life of our home, chirpy, bubbly, strong-headed.  Like all the other parents, me and my husband are protective about her; my husband being more protective as he never wants the apple of his eye to be sad.  I cannot tolerate anyone bullying her, hurting her.  Like all the other moms, I get emotional when she hurts herself either physically or emotionally. I try to help her out and can fight with one who hurts her.

Twenty years down the line, will my emotions change?  Will I not get affected if I see my darling daughter getting physically or emotionally hurt?  Will I not try to protect her and comfort and support her?

Do we ask our daughters to adjust and bear all the physical and emotional abuse when they are little girls?  Then suddenly what changes when they grow up and need us?  Why is the condition of most of the Indian women unhappy and they are stuck in physically and emotionally abusive relations?  Most of the times its the lack of support from the parents who have this notion that once married the daughters should “adjust” in any and every situation.  So many girls who are financially dependent or for that matter even independent are stuck in loveless, abusive marriages only because lack of support or the "log kya kahenge" fear or "dono gharon ki izzat ka sawal"!  

I will make my daughter strong financially, emotionally, and physically but God forbid if any such situation arises, I will comfort and support her like I do today when she falls and asks me to apply a Band-Aid to her wounds; I will always have my never-ending stock of Band-Aids ready for her.  The confidence that she has today that no matter what my parents will always be there to soothe me should always remain with her throughout her life...

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