BRANGELINA!!...A brand, now APART???
|   Sep 22, 2016
BRANGELINA!!...A brand, now APART???

One of the most glamorous and powerful couple - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are splitting!! This news kicked  me awake and  put my mind in great turmoil. The most loved and sought after couple in the entire world, a brand name for the great togetherness they have projected since 10 years, how tragic!!

Setting an example to everyone, with their love and care for each other and everyone else, they have been a role model for me too. I have always eagerly followed their journey across the Globe trying to bring joy around.

What went wrong, it is so unimaginable. And that too ‘IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES’!! After, what, 12 years of togetherness! A decade of living in and just after 2 years of marital life.. How can that happen when they have done everything together??

Does marriage end the love; does it bring out hidden issues?? That could be said of common everyday couples, or those who might have known each other for a just a couple of years before taking the plunge. But here, the most visible couple, having lived together for 10 years, sharing their dreams and through happiness and illness, are all set to breakup after just 2 years into marriage!!     I am just not able to digest this fact.

What would they answer to the society, yes, they are answerable. People all over have always followed their life and encouraged and supported their every move to spread happiness, hence they are answerable to the pain and confusion they cause with their separation.

I have never given much thought or time to the celluloid life as it is very much different from ours. They go through extreme pressures of work which does affect their relationships. We, in general do not have that kind of lifestyle or pressures and in our own sensible way, and due to other reasons, like finance and security, try our best to stick to relationships, which we have made and manage to walk through life, mostly happy.

But this – BRANGELIA, is very different, in that, they have lived as an example for others. Their humanitarian causes in war torn areas and adoption of kids from different races, everything has been unique and loved by one and all. It would not have been an easy task, bringing kids from different regions under one roof, even after having kids of their very own, with the wish and promise of caring for them together!!

I have always been fascinated and appreciative of them for such deep love and understanding towards each other, which now I am beginning to feel as PROJECTED (maybe)!! I feel that all is lost; there is no true love or no true affection. Everyone is just plain ordinary, nothing exceptional.

I am no authority to comment on this separation, as I do not know the actualities that has caused this decision. And trust me I am not pointing any fingers at them. It is just that, we all live our life by example and inspiration. Every one of us need to be pushed to tide over various situations and issues and we always look up to someone to show the way, to be a beacon when we are down and out. And BRANGELINA have always inspired!! Hence this tiny cry of pain filled protest, coming from deep within me.

The world knows and hails Angelina Jolie  and Brad Pitt as great Philanthropists and humanitarians.  Angelina was also in fact named  special envoy for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. She  had  travelled to Afghanistan, Sudan, Tanzania, Iraq and Jordan  bringing the attention of the world to the  plight of war refugees and the underprivileged. The couple had also started a foundation to finance reconstruction of homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Together they had started the Jolie-Pitt Foundation in 2006 to help charities worldwide. Their children include sons adopted from Cambodia and Vietnam and a daughter adopted from Ethiopia, as well as three biological children. With so much of affection and love for others, where has it disappeared between them? It is a question one has to ask oneself too.

With such a huge responsibility on their shoulders, shouldn’t they be trying harder than all of us, to stick together. My heart goes out to the children, especially the adopted kids who would have been dreaming of a secure and happy future after all the struggles they have been witness to in their tiny life before. Shouldn’t they be together for the sake of the kids they have adopted?

Anjelina Jolie has even filed for full and sole physical custody of all the kids. WHAT DOES THIS mean, that BRAD is not a safe person for the kids to be around?? Then all these years the kids had been in some kind of danger and their future now marred with psychological issues. The very thought puts a dagger to my soul.

As much my knowledge in the  matter of child adoption is, I know it is not a simple process. Much background work is carried out and lot of inquiry from different ends is done by the adoption centers before they hand over a child to a couple for the child’s SAFE future. And even after all the formalities; they still always have every right to take away the child at the slightest inkling of things being not congenial for the child. Then what about the 3 kids here? Who is going to question the parents? Was no inquiry held into this International Adoption? Just because of their position and stature, policies (may) have been overlooked at the cost of safety of the children concerned. We have to just wait for further developments.

And now, what guarantee that Jolie would be good for the kids all by herself? What if she decides to marry again and if they don’t share the same common interests, what would the fate of these children be? So many open ends.

Women have always looked at Jolie as an inspiration.  Her elective surgeries towards cancer prevention have been the talk of the world. It has in fact made us women to sit up and take charge of their health.  That being the case, I feel they have a greater responsibility NOW in voicing their reason to separate.

Especially when her father has been quoted as saying “Something very serious must have happened for her to take this decision” and Peter Waltzer, a famous attorney has been quoted as saying, ” It is unusual that she sought sole physical custody of the children”.

I think that the people who have followed them with love, the people they have been inspired, the people whose lives have been touched by theirs, changed for the better,  who have always been a great support, need to know.

The life they have lived has been too public for them now to go private. They should not hide behind the curtain as private matter, but again set an example by voicing the reason for their pain.

Every one of us, in our married life, would have at one point or other felt like just chucking it and leaving!! But this is also a huge lesson for us. The adage “ All that glitters is not gold” is so perfect.  Every relationship, however great a stature it maintains, is bound to run into issues.

Marriage is a joyous occasion for one and all involved. It takes great commitment of the highest degree to stay together through all the ups and downs that life brings with it. It is the most wondrous and difficult relation to maintain and thrive in it. . Successful Marriage according to me is the epitome of affection, acceptance, understanding, patience  &  co-existence that only the humans are capable of !! We have to put our maximum effort to sustain it and let it flourish

And Divorce, whatever the reason may be, causes pain, changing not only self, but many around us, hurting not only the self but those involved, for whom we care and who care for us. For the dependents and those not dependent. It must be the option sought in the very end, when all other doors are closed. Once married, one is bound by both invisible and visible feelings and responsibility. And after we have kids, it doubles! Every individual should strive to be a little extra, a little extra than ordinary and try to lead a committed, fulfilling and caring life.

Remember, each one of us is an example to someone. You, your thought and actions have an impact on others. More the positive impact, more wondrous is OUR  journey of life!!


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