THAT Awkward Moment!!! Ouch....!!
|   Oct 18, 2016
THAT Awkward Moment!!! Ouch....!!

“Share any of your embarrassing moment with US”!! the radio jockey announced. This after putting us into splits on his escapades. Really, we do create such laughable memories through our follies.

I, for one, thought that I was totally immune to making a fool of myself. NOT TO BE SO. Sure enough the day dawned, rather too commonly without me having not the faintest idea that it would be such a disaster and forever etched in my memory.

At the end I will tell you why I am sharing it on the parenting blog site. You would love the connection.

It was one of those days, up on the wrong side of the bed!! It was a day right in the midst of a blissful vacation. I had only just begun to enjoy the feel of waking up a bit leisurely and just lazing around......and BANG!! It was the last day!! How devastating.

Let me just whisper to you here......psst.....”I am a working MOM” !! You can now put 2 and 2 together and understand the significance of this DAY.

Hubby had to go off to work as always. I had planned on a good last day with an interesting lunch and a movie at home with kids. Kids had planned to finish off their vacation homework and relax. Mom-in-law had to go off to a puja and my dad planned to stick to us. GREAT going until.....

Suddenly I realised I had to attend a Gruhapravesham!! Oh my....there goes all the planning down the trip. For working moms, any opportunity to be able to spend quality time with kids and friends is a BONUS, and we just latch on to the very first opportunity presented. I did the same. Looking at the brighter side, I was happy I could skip making that awesome (supposedly) meal and have a full course one instead not being drained out with my kids and friends.

A shift to plan B now!

Getting the children to agree was a huge task, as they believe in “Yudhkale Shastra Abhyasa (last minute completion of work)”. Homework projects and the like., I did manage to convince them, though I felt a little pinch at making them slog later. But who would want to skip looking at a beautiful house and of course meeting up friends and LUNCH, especially when you know you can’t make it at a later date!! Dad as always was ready to tag along. He was anyway bored of being alone all the time. And he liked these particular set of people (Dads are a bit finicky, but love them tons).

Rush rush!! ....bath, breakfast, small odd jobs and it was time to get ready. Kids suggested “CAB mamma”. OK, done. As  a working MOM, I prefer taking a bus or at the most an auto rickshaw. But the day was hot and I was all decked up bright and beautiful. So I gave in to this luxury shamelessly!!

All ready, eager to meet up my old friends, myself, kids and dear Dad got into the cab and sped away. Well about 20 kms far. This is a huge distance to cover in the afternoon heat and traffic.

On reaching the nearest location through major traffic jams, I stopped the cab and called up my dear friend to know the exact turn to take to their doorstep.

Funny, she answered at the first ring!!  I should have sniffed out that something was amiss at that very moment, because who would pick up a call at the very first ring when they are the hosts!!!

Still not giving it another thought, I so eagerly enquired about her. She was excited and told me, ‘ Hey, I was just about to call you up and here you are doing it, a hundred lucky years to you’. WOW...I was thrilled; she was missing me, I thought, missing me among her other guests. I thanked her and told her, “I am right at this place, can you direct me exactly to the venue from here”. 

A HUGE PAUSE! Total silence for a moment and to my HORROR..............she said, “Great you are here, but the function is tomorrow right!! Or have I been wrong in informing you, let me check”. Oh My Dear God, If only the earth would give way, I would happily go to my grave.

Later my kids would keep describing that moment to me, how my blissfully happy face went from excitement to horror to desperation in a matter of micro seconds!!! I was at a total loss of words, but managed to mumble my apologies and that I was just kidding and all that. The top most thought in my mind that very second was, LUNCH ??? Dad was there too. In near tears, I looked at my kids and dad who were grinning away and there...we all burst out laughing.  I had managed to make a FOOL out of ME !!

Working Moms (not all, a few like me) and their fantasies of great escapades from the daily chores !!

 “All WORK AND NO PLAY makes Jack (here JILL) a dull person” was very very apt here. Rushing off to work every day, working at home, packing the kids lunch boxes (what do we cook everyday, 3 times and different ones every time?), catering to in-laws and parents, we hardly have a moment to ourselves, to sit down and relax. To sit and plan a normal day. We always have to be somewhere.

And above all this I had to deal with a heart full of guilt. Guilt at being so foolish, at having kept kids and Dad hungry beyond their lunch time (thou we did have a good one at a nearby restaurant later). Major guilt at having pulled the reluctant kids from their homework (thou they should have completed it earlier). Guilt at having spent so much of time and money for nothing (at least I would have had a good sleep). I had to deal with all this at the same time.

Thankfully hubby dear sympathised with me and lent me his shoulder with a huge grin on his handsome face.

Though this is the most embarrassing moment of my life till today, I still cherish it. You may wonder how, why. It should be forgotten right.

Looking at the other side of it, this moment will be forever etched in the memory of my lovely kids and whenever they recollect or get to attend a similar function they would remember me with a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eyes.

That smile is my reward. Yes, a reward for all the things I have not done.

My reward for all the guilt that I carry, the reward for the hours I spent away from them at work, for the lunches I don't manage to make for the hours of sleep I skip. An incomparable richest gift!!! As I write this out now, I can still feel their smiles and hear their hushed laughter behind my back.

Even now, whenever we think of that horrifying couple of seconds, they make all the possible contortions of their pretty faces to show me how I was transformed from a blissfully decked up ignorant guest to the FOOL I made out to be!! and we would again get into splits laughing at it all!!

 And one fine day they might share this story with their kids and laugh along with them too!!! Now my misadventure is a LEGEND!!!

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