Beauty Hacks for Moms - by Abba Kashnia Meel
|   Dec 17, 2016
Beauty Hacks for Moms - by Abba Kashnia Meel

Whether its the 'New' moms or the slightly 'Old' ones, we all like to keep ourselves last. The Self crowned 'Tyaag ki Devis', we keep our Babies, Husbands, In-Laws and other close relations first.

" Don't worry about me! I'll manage"- thats what you say, right? Well Honey! They believe you!! They know that you will manage. We all find our own shortcuts and hacks to get things done quick and well.

Its great to take care of your family, but not so great to ignore your own self. Skin and beauty care regime is something that often takes a toll when we are too occupied with kids and household. We pay less attention to how we look and present ourselves.

What's required is and little bit of effort and self-love!

I would like to share with you simple tips to help you stay on top of the game even when you don't have time to visit the Spa.

But before that there are only four factors (apart from genetics of course!) that influence your looks:

1. Sleep

Lack of sleep is the number one cause of dark circles, it also influences hormones, which influences our weight and monthly cycles which further influences the skin. Kind of a vicious circle!

No wonder the term 'Beauty Sleep '!!

2. Nutrition

Skin is the largest organ, covering our bodies from head to toe, so naturally what we eat will influence it. Lack of Proteins, Water and Vitamins will lead to lacklustre skin and limp hair with split-ends.


Exercising brings sweat which detoxes the skin and also brings a healthy glow.

4.State of Mind

Happy people are beautiful people! Your face shows your state of mind. So smile, it releases happiness hormones.

There is no way you can do without these factors in place.

So lets start then !!


Good nutrition and hydration will go a long way in keeping your skin healthy.

Also the lesser chemicals you subject your skin to, the better it will be. Instead of buying expensive creams, eat well( nuts, curd, fruit etc.), do yoga and pranayama ( we all know what that does for skin) and look for ingredients in your kitchen to solve common skin ailments.

1. Easy Exfoliation- Don't throw way the powdered coffee once you have brewed it. It acts as an excellent exfoliator. You can also use sugar and salt to exfoliate your skin. Just rub it on wet skin and rinse!

2. For those with extra dry skin, dry brush twice a week and dry scrub your heels every alternate day.

3. A quick massage with coconut oil just before bath will also soften your skin and hair.

4. Keep moisturisers handy in your bedside drawer and your purse.

5. Keep a bottle of Rose water and glycerin mixed together, apply it two three hours before your bath. You can even add a little lemon juice to it.

6. Use sunscreens with natural ingredients.

7. Quick fixes when you are in a hurry and you don't remember when you took that facial!!

* Mix milk , banana and honey into a thick paste and apply on your face and neck. Let it dry a little, gently massage with wet fingertips and wash off! Omit honey if you are allergic to it.

* Honey + Turmeric for 8-10 minutes on your face = Instant glow.

* Well grounded Dal of your choice + Curd = Moisturising face pack.

* Tomato + Milk = Bye bye Tan

* Salt+ Sugar + Coffee powder = Aromatic Exfoliation.


Proteins, iron and calcium are essential for good nails.

1. Use lemon and warm water to clean your nails after you are done making the nimbupani!

2. Use ghee to moisturise extra dry cuticles.

3. Well shaped nails speak a lot about your personality. Incase you chip a nail use transparent nail paint.

4. Thyroid conditions also lead to brittle nails, so wear gloves while doing chores at home.


Again the same rule applies here. Product build up, chemical hair treatments, dehydration and lack of Vitamins will lead to damaged hair. Zero down on a mild shampoo and try to reduce the conditioner usage and frequency. Head massage once a week stimulates the scalp and hair health.

Try to delay the use of colour on your hair when they start greying. Opt for mehendi mixed with ingredients like amla, shikakai, coffee powder etc.

Eating Amla or taking Triphala can delay greying of hair.

Curd, beer, egg, methi, shikakai, vinegar are other common kitchen ingredients that you can use for haircare.

Then there are days you have no time to shampoo your hair but have a party to attend.

Just tie your hair up in a ponytail with a thin black rubber band. Keeping the base of the ponytail as the center ,turn your hair around and keep securing with pins as you go around.And you got a messy bun. Take care not to twist your ponytail. It works best on unwashed hair and messy buns are in, so a win-win situation for us!!

Teeth care

2-3 times a week, massage your teeth and gums with salt and a few drops of mustard oil and say hello to bright white teeth!!


Harried moms with countless sleepless nights need to have some make up tricks up their sleeves.

Don't be carried away with the latest fashion fads. One day the matts are in the next month shimmer takes over.

We all are different so same makeup rules don't apply to all. Something that works for your friend may not work for you!

Be careful not make a fool of yourself by following anything blindly.

You have got to figure out what works best for you and follow it when in doubt. For that you have to be aware of what your best features are and highlight them. Figure out the best way to deal with the problem areas and do not experiment there too much.

1. Eyes

I personally feel that putting the kajal on works out well with tired eyes.

It somehow magically wipes away your weary look. It should be a staple in every mom's daily routine.

Practice putting the eyeliners on, there are numerous options available in the market from the gel based to the markers to the ones with brushes. Eyeliner just on the top eyelid can make your eyes look larger.

Just set a rule for yourself that you are not going out to that dinner with out that eyeliner on.

Easy tutorials are available on the net to guide you.

Experiment with the metallic ones, they look amazing at night.

Mascara is a godsend for ones not endowed with thick eyelashes. Just a coat of it on the upper eyelashes glams up the look.

Be careful not to overdo the eyeshadows until and unless you are a makeup artist yourself. Shimmery ones can really make you look old, so stay clear of them.

2. Cheeks

Whether its BB cream or CC cream, or tinted moisturisers, they can really perk up your face. Just blend a few drops in your sunscreen or lotion and apply evenly on your face. The key here is to find one that suits your skin and complexion.

Primers, powders and pancakes are all available in the market but use them sparingly. Too many coats on the face make the whole look heavy.

A hint of blush on the cheeks brings glow to your look. Choose a blush that matches the shade of your lips.

Tinted lip and cheek stains work very well during the day. Keep one handy in your handbag.

Go easy on the blush when you are wearing a dark lipstick or smokey eyes.


We all love our lipsticks and wear them according to our moods.

Always check for any dryness before applying lipstick. If your lips are dry, exfoliate them gently, then moisturise before applying lipstick.

For extra drying matte lipsticks always moisturise first.

Apart from well moisturised lips the key to that perfect pout lies with the lipliner. Lipliners not only define your lips, but also keep the lipstick from smudging around.

Keep a dark shade like red and a light shade like a natural one.

Line your lips carefully and fill in the lipstick.

For an extra long stay fill your lips with the lipliner after outlining them. Then apply the lipstick and you will be amazed with its long and perfect stay.

Taking off the lipsticks is another thing! Try replacing your cleansing milk with cold cream for removing that stubborn lipstick!


Well manicured and painted nails are a statement in themselves. With matching lipstick it instantly raises the glam quotient.

Gel nail paints are easy to apply and remove. They also last long.

You can also add a coat of transparent nail polish on top to extend its wear.

Be extra quick to remove any chipped or worn off nail polish.

If painting finger nails is too much maintenance, keep your toes painted to look upbeat!

Well I guess that's it for today!

But on a closing note, yes we all wives and moms have our hands full from morning till night. But that should not stop us from taking care of ourselves, pampering ourselves and being the best version of ourselves. Because it not just about you and your self worth today but also about the aspirations taking foundation in your children's mind today that they will live with tomorrow. So be the best mom your kids deserve and love!!

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