A page from a SAHM's life...
|   Oct 08, 2016
A page from a SAHM's life...

      Shweta’s day starts with her 2 year baby girl Sanaya waking her up at 5:30am like an alarm clock, whom she puts off to sleep by feeding her and then goes for her morning chores. Yes. She is a home maker. She brought milk from the shop, did a quick 10 min exercise, prepared breakfast, swept and moped her one floor house, put clothes for soaking, had a bath and just as she was stepping out of the bathroom, she sees Sanaya sitting straight up in the bed, smiling at her. So she got her teeth brushed and took her along to the puja room to perform the morning puja. It’s 8:00am now. This is when her husband Suresh comes down to the kitchen asking for breakfast.

     She then quickly finishes her puja and serves him hot steaming masala dosas. At the same time she is feeding one dosa to Sanaya, who wants food the moment she sees her dad having it. Suresh has now put on a news channel on TV, a newspaper opened infront of him and the hot dosas besides him. Once he was done, he said, ‘Oh the dosas were yummy, need to rush to the office now, I’ll go get ready…’ and he went to dress up, while she finishes the last bits of Sanaya’s dosa which was rejected. It’s 9:30am now and he leaves for office generally at this time sharp. He came downstairs, said goodbye to her and kissed Sanaya bye and left for work.

     Now Shweta put some cartoon channel for Sanaya to watch, and went to prepare dosas and tea for herself. After preparing, she ate them quietly thinking of what happened last night. The couple had a heated argument over her joining work again. She wanted Sanaya to atleast be 5 years old for her to join work again, but he had plans of investing money into something for which he wanted her to look after the house expenses. She was worried about Sanaya...who would take care of her...there are many day cares...but can she really trust the care takers to take good care of her baby...and keep her safe as well..?.. Just then she hears Sanaya cry...her favourite cartoon was over. It was 10:00am. So, Shweta now quickly finished her breakfast, did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. She now put Sanaya in her bedroom cum play area which had all sorts of toys waiting for her to come and throw them all around the house.

    While she got engaged in some play, Shweta quickly started washing the clothes she had soaked in the morning. When she was half way done, she heard Sanaya calling her. She wanted to go to the toilet. So she took her to the toilet, cleaned her, gave her a nice hot bath, fed her a fruit and milk and then put her to sleep. After some time Shweta finished washing clothes, so she put them out to dry. It was now 11:00am...time to prepare lunch. She swiftly marched towards the kitchen to cook food. She made rice, some curry, a side dish and kheer for herself and Suresh. He works close by so comes home for lunch. She prepared a mixed vegetable and dal porridge for Sanaya which she loves to eat. By now Sanaya woke up and brought her toy elephant to play in front of the TV. So Shweta went to the bedroom and cleaned it, put all the toys back in place, once again folded the clothes which Sanaya had playfully scattered all around the bedroom.

    Just as the clock struck 1:00pm, Suresh entered and picked up Sanaya who was too busy playing to notice her father come in. Meanwhile Shweta came downstairs and served him lunch and started feeding Sanaya the porridge she had prepared. Once done, she served herself, had her food giving sanaya small bites from her plate as well. She then finished doing the dishes. It was time for Suresh to get back to work...it was 2:30pm. Shweta now started reading some stories to Sanaya from her favourite “Moral Story Book”. Sanaya was listening to her very attentively, but then the doorbell rang. It was Mrs. Naag. She usually drops in for a quick chat and a cup of tea. It was now 4:00pm, time to take Sanaya for a stroll in the nearby park where she would be playing with the sand and other kids of her age. They would then return home only after 5:30pm that too with Sanaya fussing to stay there for longer and Shweta literally having to drag her all the way home. Once home, they freshen up, perform the evening puja and sit for some light snacks. Then she would go to prepare dinner. And finally by 8:00pm she would sit with Sanaya who would be playing with her toys while she waited for Suresh. 8:30pm is when Suresh came home, freshened up and Shweta served dinner. She believed that a family should have at least one meal together, so she now has food with them, where she feeds herself and Sanaya simultaneously.

       By 10:00pm, he finished his dinner, watched some TV and then went off to bed. But for her, by 10:00pm, she finished her and Sanaya’s dinner, washed the dishes and prepared the bed. She then gave Sanaya a quick sponge bath, massaged her with lotion, dressed her up in fresh night wears, put her to sleep and came downstairs. She then did some preparations for the nest day’s meals, checked if all the doors are locked, put some leftover food in the fridge, cleaned the hall, put the toys back in place, put on her laptop checking if her resume if up to date. She went to bed now…it was 12:00am…physically she was sleeping on the bed…but her mind was wide awake…

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