Disconnect to Connect
|   Feb 08, 2017
Disconnect to Connect

Last weekend was full of fun, excitement, yummy food, colorful and pretty attire, lots of family time as there were few family functions lined up for the whole week starting on Friday night only. One function was at my mom's place so I was little busy too to help her in managing all the guests and other stuff. My twenty months old daughter was enjoying it on fullest as everything was new to her but at the same time, she was getting very clingy to see so many strangers who want to get a hold on her. My cousins, close relatives wanted to play with her, wanted her attention as she is the youngest member of my family. 

There were few instances where I was so tired, I wanted to just sit in a corner and relax. I was so exhausted by work, by that six-yard wonder which looks beautiful but at the same time difficult to manage with a toddler, by high hills, I just wished somebody just take her( little A) away from me at least for few minutes so that I can catch my breath back. But, she was not ready to leave me for a second at any cost. Whenever I handed her to my cousins or aunts or uncles, within few minutes they were back by saying she is the most rodalu (crying) kid although she is very much familiar with them all. I was not asking them to take care of a kid who found them, stranger.

I was surprised why nobody is able to distract her or engage her in something. She is very happy to go, lucky kid, she will feel enlighted just by seeing a dog or a cat, she will be happy by playing hide and seek by a dupatta or even a curtain, she can spend hours counting coins, she find running and playing in open area very fascinating, the list goes on. The only effort which was put by them was by showing her smart phones, which worked because that is a fascinating thing for a 20 months old child. I remember when I was young ( I am still young but I am talking about the time when I was a teen or not married), I was very handy with small kids, so was every normal person, although there were no smartphones that time. In today's time, it feels like most of the people do not knows how to handle a kid (here by people I mean the younger generation as well people who are in their forties or fifties), at the most they will show them videos on youtube so that kids keep quite. Is it that difficult? 

Technology is making us handicap in this field too. We are losing humanly touch with kids too. We don't want to work out how to interact with kids, just give them mobile phones and you will be free. But, by doing this we are missing the main essence of spending time with kids. Just switch off your phone and spend few minutes with any kid you will realize what it means to be with kids, they will surely lighten up your mood in those few minutes. I did show this to my cousins who before said she was a difficult kid and after they loved those hours with her without their smartphones(I allowed them to use their phones only if they want to click  selfies or shoot a video of her innocent and funny acts, or for playing a song so that she can dance otherwise phones were strict no-no) and even without my presence. It just needs little creativity to become friendly with kids. I am not against of using technology but there is life other than smartphones too and that is really beautiful too.#disconnect to connect.

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