Life in a nursing dress
|   Aug 03, 2016
Life in a nursing dress
Congratulations!!! Your pregnant . The results are positive. These words left a joyous impression on my mind and I can recollect all the happy emotions and anxiety that followed hearing it. What followed these statements were definitely beautiful memories and experiences too but definitely a life changing one. 
I'm not sure of how prepared I was to become a mom or was I even ready for a 360• change in my lifestyle. I was elated beyond words. Suddenly a motherly instinct of giving birth to a new life, nurturing a new life started creeping into me. I would smile at myself at the pretext of how I would look with the baby bump. I would wonder if it would be a boy/ girl. How would my child look.
But along with my thought process changing a lot of people thoughts towards me also changed. I became the centre of attention. My husband became over caring. Mom became over protective and everyone gave me that extra bit of care. What about me I thoroughly enjoyed it all.... Along with the cons of pregnancy though nausea, sleepless nites, awkward eating habits. 9 months really seemed long counting weeks of pregnancy, reading 'baby growth in womb' articles, guessing the exact zodiac sign of my new born, searching for that 1 perfect name. It all seemed so childlike and heart warming. 

Then came the D day and my angel was born. Yes it's the best feeling in the world or a feeling you can never pen down and express. But following  it was something I never expected or thought about. Overnight things changed. Yes within the course of the labor pains and delivery everything so changed. I was no more the center of attention which is absolutely fine coz my angel is the one now. But I'm a Mom . And as a mom oh sorry as a new mom my only work or responsibility or priority is my child. Of course it's d norm and what's so surprising about it..... I'm a mom to a beautiful child and my focus got to be my child 24/7.... But in d course of becoming a mom I was killing a part of a women inside me... 

That free will women who would be so excited and carefree, who was so occupied and always had more things to do then she could manage, overnight had nothing to do but to take care of her lil one. That women who would love to dress up and go out... Was in a special dress called d nursing gown. Outing was far from imagination as the child is too small  to bare the cold. House arrest is the only option. That women who thought she had it all was slowly losing herself to become a Mom. Yes I am really trying ... To be the perfect mom, to change my sleep patterns as per my child's needs which keeps changing daily. To sleep at odd times. To eat right. To bathe fast. To dress up neat not pretty. To breast feed almost the whole day n nite... I'm learning... And trying to enjoy every phase of it for I too know it won't last long.... Very soon the mom and the carefree gal within me will find a balance and will be able to play both or all the roles meant to be played very well. 

But as I go through all these weird emotions and changes .... I just realize that every women probably goes through this change. From being a women to becoming a mom. And though they say she has 9 months to cope up.... I feel she just has a couple of hours to become a mom called the blissful labor hours. And because all women cope up with it so beautifully and do whatever it takes to become a perfect Mom.... They say God couldn't be everywhere so he made mom's.
I'm grateful to God for choosing me to become a mom and even more grateful for giving me a women who somewhere lost a bit of herself to become a perfect mom and regained it back to become a great woman too. Thanks & Love u ma

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