Things i learnt from my marriage
|   Jan 30, 2017
Things i learnt from my marriage

Its been 3 years since i got married. I was doing my p.g when i got married so the first year flew with me juggling between my mayka and sasural (actually more in mayka and less in sasural). It was only the 2nd year when my studies got completed I entered the real phase of sasural until now i was like in my honeymoon period. After that i got to know what its like to be married and hell lot of things. 

Few things i would list down and if anybody finds something missing please do comment.

  • May be you are married for years you'll always have to prove and also explain your creadibility because you know you donot belong to their place you are still and always be an outsider.
  • They can treat you in anyway they want but you always should smile because dats what good dil do.
  • Once you are married you have to ask permission for everything while their sons will not bother to even tell anything but you are the outsider naa so rules apply to you.
  • For you now your in laws are your parents while your parents should take a backseat in your life while for your inlaws their children their home even the non living things of the house hold more priority then you.
  • You dont have to go your parents place now because what you have to do there you have been living their for so many years so you dont need to be there.
  • You may be a princess to your parents but for your in laws u became house help since the day you got married.
  • When it comes to work its your home and whats the problem with doing house chores but when it comes to taking decisions suddenly you dont belong there.
  • Its your responsibility to do every work even if you are a working lady and anybody doing it along with you is actually doing you a favour because it became your work since the day you were married.
  • Nobody loves you more then your parents.
  • Sometimes i think that girls are actually not married for companionship but because either the boy need somebody to look after his house because hiring a maid is too mainstream plus it would cost heavily so he is married and provided a free maid.

    For majority of people thiese things would relate but if there exists an exception i would be very happy to know that society is really progressing.

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