Its a Big Boy!!!
|   Oct 27, 2016
Its a Big Boy!!!

That's what I heard my doctor say as she held my naughty boy's leg, as he refused to come out on his own from inside my tummy! He had kept us waiting anxiously the entire day and still refused to come out on his own. Finally, my doctor decided to get him out of his hiding and there he was finally!!!

I thought for a second, it’s a boy! We so badly wanted a girl. How am I going to cope with his mischief? And then, I brushed it off and was looking for a glimpse of what was hiding inside me. And there he came. The nurse has probably wrapped him in one of the sterile white clothes my co-sister had carefully got washed and kept packed in his new basket. His eyes were all open, anxious, and he was yawning. I felt as if he was asking “I was so cozy inside, why did you pull me out?” I just got a glimpse and a cheeky touch and he was taken to his dad.

There I was waiting again, lying on the table, not able to move as the medication was yet to wear out. I couldn’t sleep, though; I wanted to hold him close to me. He has kept me waiting for 9 long months and these few hours felt much longer than that! Finally, I was in the room and my baby was sleeping calmly, bundled up. He refused to wake up from his beauty sleep, little rascal! He has been giving me such sleepless nights since he got inside me.

We were all trying relentlessly to wake him up to get him to fill his tummy. Lazy bums!!! He wouldn’t even do that! Finally, the doctor told that without him starting to feed regularly, she wouldn’t let us go home! Then, within a day, we got him to stay awake at least for 10-minutes, to feed! I was happy that my baby loved his sleep!

How wrong I was!!! He was only taking rest so that he could start his journey with full energy. That was probably the last time I saw my son enjoy his naps!!! Once we reached home, sleep was the last thing on his cards. So as with every newborn mom, I bid goodbye to my sleep for the next few years. Without fail, we would wake up at 2:30 am and play till 6 am. Then it was the time I got up for my routine while he slept for a while.

As soon as I came home, I realized that sleep was not the only thing I would compromise. The fan would be at its lowest when the sun would be at its hottest too! The blankets had to be always on me since he would throw them away within a few seconds of wrapping. At his every movement and turn, I would get up alarmed! This continued till he was 3.

The hospital soon became our second home, with my baby getting sick every other month. The very first time I was admitted to a hospital was for my delivery! And then onwards, I got used to reaching the hospital particularly during the late nights and staying back for a couple of days at the least! Vaccinations never scared me and I would hold him close to me. He would wonder why his mom is loving him so much, and then feel the little prick on the leg! But he was an easy baby, 2-minutes of kisses and cuddling and he’d be smiling again.

But then my baby was a bundle of joy in all ways. He was always a happy baby as long as no one scared him. He was always enthusiastic and that’s why he wouldn’t sleep, just in case he missed the fun with his daddy! Even after a 5-minute nap, he would wake up all energetic, ready to dance and talk.

It surprised me at how adjustable and concerned he was even at a very young age. I went through a couple of surgeries in between and he would wait for me at home to return. He would be worried, but adjust in all ways so that it does not bother my mom or his dad. He would call up and check on me if I was OK. That’s all he needed to hear!

His best buddy is my mom. They say, enemy’s enemy is a friend!!! Well, in some matters, it works out that way between them. I am happy they are like that. She’s the one teaching him the mischiefs more often! She’s the one teaching him to spit as I fed him cereals. She’s the one teaching him to run fast as I caught him. She’s the one playing hide and seeks always.

He is all of 11 now, very cheerful and always game for a story, song, mimicry or a dance. He enjoys being himself and we just let him be. He’s a little naïve, but then we don’t want him to lose his innocence yet. He is a Big Boy, almost as tall as me now, and I am quite tall all of 5’ 8”!!! How I wish he’d be my baby again, but then how I wish he would grow up fast!

My boy could never be bundled, but he’s always been our happiness. His innocence makes us smile. His laughter can change the whole world. As they say that a smile is contagious, I wish he keeps smiling and spreads his happiness all through his life. That’s all we want him to do! To stay happy and to spread happiness!

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