The Second Inning...........Life Begins Again..
|   Mar 29, 2016
The Second Inning...........Life Begins Again..

A few weeks ago, I ran into a friend of mine after a period of more than a year, we hugged and greeted and I noticed that she was glowing and looking radiant and happy, I asked her cheekily, "hey you are glowing, is it LOVE" she smiled and replied, "yes it is and guess what, I am being wooed and courted and am loving it all," I was shocked at her reply, my friend a 46 year old married woman, mother of a 20 year old boy, my mind went on an overactive mode and I gave her one questioning , puzzled and confused look, she laughed at my expression and then asked me, "remember the last time we met", I nodded , she had looked very miserable, a bit unkempt and on the verge of a breakdown, I had asked her the reason and after a bit of prodding she came out with her story  tearfully...................................

Her only son had gone abroad for further studies, her husband a businessman had a busy schedule, he left for his office in the morning and came back after 8pm.The whole day loomed large in front of her. Her life was very busy when her son was there with them, her world revolved around him , cooking for him, his studies, his activity classes and that kept her on her toes the whole day. Now she found herself with abundant spare time even after her household chores, and when her husband came back from his office he mostly spend his time in front of the television, they didn't have too much to share with each other and many a times their conversation ended with an argument , she had turned into a nag as her husband hardly paid any attention to her, the only company she had were the games on her mobile. She felt unwanted, useless and life felt like a burden.

I came out of the flashback when she shook me, I asked her about her new avatar, what she revealed was really very inspiring and encouraging..........

Basically this friend of mine was a strong, independent and creative person. She said one day she met one of her old friends who ran yoga classes, she forced her to attend her classes , after a lot of pressure she joined the class along with meditation classes, she started noticing changes in herself and felt a little better after a long time, now in her class one girl was about to get married and she needed help in wrapping her wedding return gifts in some creative way, she happened to ask my friend for help as she had heard from the yoga teacher that she was good at creative craft and similar things , my friend agreed to help her and the result was really good and she started getting such requests regularly, encouraged by this response she decided to charge a nominal amount and also went ahead and started taking creative craft classes for ladies and kids and  gradually her classes became successful and now she was occupied in doing what she loved to do  and  got an identity of her own. Her confidence was restored, although her husband never gave her a reason to complain about their finances, still after she started earning she felt a sense of achievement and fulfillment and her self worth increased  in her own eyes .

I felt so happy after hearing her story,  but still I could not stop being curious about her love life and asked her...............she gave me one shy look and said that her husband was wooing her.........................after she joined her yoga classes and then  started her craft classes, she started paying attention on her grooming and as she was busy throughout the day with her classes and gift wrapping orders she hardly nagged her husband . He too noticed the change in her and started taking an interest in her work , her confidence and happiness attracted him and they started going out frequently,  spending quality time together which they had given up long back.

The above mentioned scenario is not uncommon, in fact it is a classic case of Empty Nest Syndrome, that is why it is really essential for every lady to pursue a hobby and if given a chance they might turn their hobby into business, apart from this even when the kids are small they should not put their lives on a backseat, taking time out for herself and spending some quality time with her better half or with  her friends should be guilt free,  this would prove to be a savior when her kids grow up and leave the nest and as the saying goes,  "Life begins at forty"..................our happiness lies in our hands , bringing up kids is not an easy task but giving up on our lives entirely is also not a done thing, keeping the balance and retaining our identity will lead to a blissful future.

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