"Zindagi"is definitely "Dear",keep restraint. 
|   Dec 09, 2016
"Zindagi"is definitely "Dear",keep restraint. 

A couple of days ago finally saw the movie"Dear Zindagi "and without any hesitation would say that I liked the movie a lot , could in fact relate to it in many places,be it the childhood dilemma of being left with maternal parents,how our relationship with our siblings , friends etc make different impact and impressions at different levels,trying to understand from the viewpoint of parents about certain decisions which had to be taken and how to cherish each and every relationship in our lives as each holds an important  place in it's own right.So all in all this movie takes up some relevant points.

Now,comes the part which troubled me and let me be clear ,not this movie in particular but since last few years many movies involving young people have given me a reason to be troubled and uncomfortable,and that is the portrayal of unbridled consumption of alcohol and the casual attitude towards physical intimacy.

Take a rough review of the movies of the recent years involving young people, some of them have taken up really good and relevant issues but all through many movies alcohol is consumed freely ,without any restraint,age and gender no bar.

Now coming to physical intimacy, one night stand and casual attitude towards sex hold no hesitation, it is really unnerving to see that the lead pair jump into the bed within a few hours of meeting for the first time without any qualms and  fear of consequences of their actions, love is not anywhere nearby but only  lust.

A major chunk of the audience for these movies consist of young and impressionable youngsters and when they see their onscreen idols indulging in all these activities, all in the name of "living their lives to the fullest",they feel it is very much okay to follow in their footsteps.I fail to understand how drinking and smoking like crazy and many who cannot handle their alcohol are seen throwing up and then lying around can be termed as having fun ,and unknowingly when this fun turns into an addiction for life, how ,not only that individual but the whole family suffers.Cases of drunken driving, rave parties etc are on a uphill.The continuous rise in STD's, unwanted pregnancies , and rapes too are another scary situations. Physical compatibility is no doubt a plus in a couple's relationship but in my opinion they should always try to see that whether they have a mental compatibility or not and keep a restraint on themselves before getting into a physical relationship. 

I know I belong to the old school but being modern does not mean we have to leave aside inhibitions and go ahead in a wild manner.I am all for You Only Live Once motto,but my take is, life can be enjoyed to the fullest with our friends and loved ones without going out of control and,what is life without troubles but the answer to our troubles is never giving in to things which might give a momentous relief not a permanent one.

Good cinema is always welcome but the makers should realise it is a big responsibility on their part,as young eyes are watching and they should keep this in mind as these things seep into the minds far more easily.

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