|   Apr 18, 2017

                             PATIENCE…… Kindly wait, you are in a queue

While playing with my son in a park, I noticed a lady who was teaching rhymes to her daughter,”Mum, I am tired of this, can we play hide and seek “after 5 minutes she switched to badminton and then to the next game and so on. I and my friend were watching the show, the lady didn’t frown, even once and was happily following the commands given by her little daughter. She took her daughter in her arms and asked her “Riya do you like cakes”, “yes mum I love it “”. What if I took the cake out of the oven before it is baked”. “Mum you mean half-baked cake,  we can’t  eat it.We need the patience to let the cake bake completely”, exactly my child same goes for other activities too. If you want desired results, it should be performed patiently. Parents play a very important role in shaping the future of their child and to Inculcating good habits in them. To teach your child patience, you have to be patient. A child may not follow the instructions being told immediately, wait for some time explain them the logic, don’t lose temper.

So here are few activities will help you and your child to develop the virtue of patience.

1. Painting: let your child do fun with colours, give him a paper and let him paint.Don’t ask him to follow any pattern.When a child does something on his own, it gives him confidence and makes them happy. Once done wait for a paper to dry.He will love to wait.

2. The importance of queue: -we all hates at long waits in line at grocery store, bus stand, metro station, but children get impatient easily, a child was continuously asking when our turn is going to come in billing queue at the grocery store. Every time he jumped off the line and ask the billing lady to get her bill cleared first. The lady replied, “ kindly wait, you are in a queue”. “Why QUEUE is important, he asked his mum” it makes you organised, and to develop a better quality of work.Like if in a School bus if all the children will try entering in a bus at the same time, nobody will able to enter and all will get hurt.

3. During peak hours or for long drives: Always carry some games to keep your child engaged like board games, colouring pages.

4. Science activities: children love playing with water. Show them how water turns into ice, they will wait for the water to freeze. How ice turns into water, a child has to wait for the ice to melt.Pour that water on the floor and switch on the fan a child curiously wait to see evaporation.

5. Activities that require patience:

  • Planting seeds: Child loves playing in the mud. he will enjoy planting seeds and they will show great patience and diligence to help those seeds grow.
  • Going bananas: place the banana beneath the chin of the child between his chest and chin, tell him to pass banana to the next child standing in a line, the catch is he can’t use his hands.Pass the banana chin to chin. If someone drops the banana you can start the game with the next child in a row.Children will surely get impatient when things don’t go their way. With practice, they will develop patience.

6. Let him be on his own: Don’t always rush to help your child, tell him that you are  busy or will do it after some time, this way he will not only learn being patient but also develop habits of doing things independently

7. Reading: Reading habit develops patience as when a child starts articulate. 

8. Play games in which child has to wait for his turn.

9. Praise your child for his patience.

10. Be their role model: when you get frustrated, Yelling, scolding spanking won’t help your child controlling his emotions when he is upset.


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