Have faith, Stay Positive And Be Confident True Mantra Of Life
|   Mar 17, 2016
Have faith, Stay  Positive And Be Confident True Mantra Of Life

Pregnancy Period brings changes along with sweet memories in every woman’s life; this is why it is called god's beautiful gift 

When I got married I was not mentally prepared to start family due to some reasons, one is not ready to take responsibility and second is being in thought process that life has just started I have lot of things to do so afterwards will not get time for myself therefore in spite of people say and family’s suggestion we did not change our decision

Gradually years passed, the time came when we were mentally prepared and ready to take the new step of life but what we have seen and learned from past many years that if we wish any thing desperately then it definitely does not accomplish at that time and this happens because it’s a examination of our patience or can say that right time has not come


In our case also I had to go through many test, gynaec visit and so on and when everything was normal and fine, my result was not coming positive

Every month was coming with hope and going with some disappointment but still there was some positive energy inside me which helped me to throw away negative thoughts and made me happy and lively

It is truly said if we wish anything desperately then definitely it takes time to come on your way so it’s better to leave for sometime and engage mind on something else which really helps to keep oneself busy and away from negative thoughts

And really it happened true in my case when I gave up then my result shown positive and my happiness knew no bounds after seeing the result and then new phase of life started which was very challenging for me; extreme nausea and vomiting through out first trimester made me sick but my husband’s support things made easier and I could succeed in passing nine months of pregnancy without any complications


At last battle was still there as I had to go through the toughest phase which is to deliver the baby

I always wanted to have normal delivery which is not easier for anybody to bear that pain and God has given the patience and will power to women only for sustaining that pain, by knowing this fact I was ready for that. Every visit with Doctor there was only one remark from her that baby head is not coming down towards cervix and you need to do squats 50-60 times per day and I was doing and following whatever instructions she was giving.

I used to be fitness freak so for me any kind of workout is always be motivational, since I was doing yoga and walk already so I added 90 squats on my daily activity but as the time was coming near Doctor’s remark did not change

I felt sad when she told my husband that she is not taking the things seriously if she did not do squats then I would have have to do her c-section

My husband told her that she is giving 100 percent in all way to help normal delivery but over that nothing is in her hand then she got sentimental and assured me that don’t worry I believe you will be succeed

Since my 39 week started and there was no sign of labor pain so I was worried and started looking on forums, sites to see the natural way of labor induction and tried all the ways as given everywhere, Ate papaya, pineapple, did squats, climb down stairs.

Blissfully five days before my due date contractions started in mid night although at that time frequency and duration was irregular but I woke up my husband and start monitoring the contraction through app and noted down..

In the morning we went to hospital to get admit. Junior doctor came and did internal examination, she checked my cervix which was not dilated as well baby head has not dropped so she was in dilemma to admit me or send back to home when she called our doctor who suggested that her full term is going on hence can’t take risk so we should keep baby’s heart rate under monitoring and if there is any sign of lowering heartbeat will go for c-section

My pain started at 12 in night and in the morning 6:30 I was admitted and then they have given me the medicine which increase the contraction from mild to severe. I was taking deep breath in every contraction and looking at the wall clock was thinking when this time would be passed, would I be able to deliver today or this pain is going for last long. My gynaec visited in the morning and she checked by putting finger inside my Vagina oh till now 1 cm, what she is doing by lying on bed this is not the time to take rest, do walk and I got up from bed immediately as per her advice, started walking slowly by holding my hubby’s hands that was so pretty moment to see the husband’s love and care


It was 3 pm, her junior doctor came to see any progress and we were delighted when he said yes dilation is happening so don’t worry, till that time it was 3 cm and he checked the water after breaking it to see if baby is not in stress, by god’s grace water came out also clear but pain was unbearable and as per Doctor’s advice I had to walk so that baby head will come down faster and delivery will be sooner. But who knows this time walking has become like running on hilly area where legs have no control and any time could fell down. Thanks to my sister in law and my husband who were taking care of me on this tough phase of life and at 9:00 pm I was full dilated and ready to push the baby out

Around 9:41 pm I did my last push and my angel came in this world, I greeted her with lots of kisses and hugs and thanked to god many times for blessing me with this precious gift and all my pain has gone way after seeing her


This is my experience and journey from pregnancy to motherhood, I have learned from this phase that lots of tough situation comes but never ever get disheartened or give up at any corner of life, Have faith, stay positive and rest leave it on destiny

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