Is it OK to send a 3 year old toddler to day boarding? 
|   Apr 13, 2017
Is it OK to send a 3 year old toddler to day boarding? 

Last night I was having a chat with my v old pal after long... She had a little angel who was about to turn 3 this month. She had just started going to school.. As I myself was thinking to send my baby to play school next year when he turns 2.5 years,  I was eager to know about the school (which I thought it to be a play school).. How was Nancy reacting and is she happy going? For how long does she goes?

 Then she replied she made Nancy join day boarding as she got admission in one of the best school of pune and she has got admission in nursery in just 3 years. Her one year is being saved and she did not want to leave this opportunity. Answering about the timings, she told she goes to school at7:30 "and gets back by 5:30pm..

I was shocked to hear this... She is stay at home mom. And she also told bfast lunch and everything the school provides.. It let students sleep. And whole schedule is handed over to parents week before.  

I couldn't believe my ears... A girl as small as 3 years was going to day boarding becoz her one year was getting saved and she got admission in one of the best schools of the city... On the time I was thinking to send my baby in play school that little angel was going in day boarding for 9 hours... I had no idea what to say so I peacefully kept down the phone. 

One thing that stuck me hard after the conversation was are we getting too ambitious for our children? In this ambitious nature may be we loose our children's childhood.. As this tender age what I feel is not to discipline but to joyfully play and make him learn by telling him playfully... May be I am wrong but what I felt today is mothers these days are getting competitive after giving birth. 

They sshould be given stress free environment to blossom... They have to study whole life... And we know how much we miss our childhood because we played had lot of fun.. At home with friends and in school.. So does our children need. A balance of both school and home will nourish our kids than only play or only study... 

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