Mumma I want to go back to Nani... I don't wish to stay with u and Papa.. 
|   Apr 13, 2017
Mumma I want to go back to Nani... I don't wish to stay with u and Papa.. 

Think how would a mother feel when she hear this sentence from a 3 year old boy?  And why would a baby as small as 3 would say such things to his own mom?  This story is about a couple who were in government job and had a baby.. 

Both the parents were busy in their jobs when ria gave birth to a baby boy. She took maternity leaves... She was in bank so she used to get many leaves.  her father was suffering from cancer so her parents couldn't come to stay with her and in laws had a big business in different city so couldn't come.  After her all leaves ended her baby was only 9 months.. She had to join office.. Now problem arose who would take care of baby? Neither of spouse parents could make up... Husband wanted wife to discontinue job as baby should be their priority as per husband but ria dint want to discontinue as she had a bank job.. 

Finally they decided to send their baby to Nani house as there baby would be taken care of we'll... And as her mayka was only at 4 hours distance... She would go every weekend to meet her son.. Son was also v happy and mingled easily with his grand parents.. But father kept on missing his son... He did not go to his wife's house often but asked wife to bring son home once a month.. 

 Time flew and 2 years passed... Rahul was by now v firm that he wanted his son back to him... And wanted his wife to manage anyhow. So finally they brought Manu home. Manu was v happy to be with his parents... He always wanted to stay with both of them... Ria took leave for 2 days..manu was on top of the world... His dream of being with his mom turned into reality.. On third day Rahul took leave from his work... By now they had done all formalities of sending manu to creche...

 On fourth day... Manu came to know he would have to go to cretche... He cried and cried and cried... But they somehow managed to send him... Right went to pick him up.. He was still crying.. It was 7:30pm..manu was so sad that he wanted to go to his Nani house.. 

Next day again the same thing happened.. In 4-5 days manu stopped saying anything... Then on Sunday he just said one sentence which actually moved his father... He said in sad tone... Pls send me to Nani nanu house... U both love ur jobs but they love me... But nothing still changed... I am not favoring any working or non working parent...  PS:this is a real incident which happened in front of my eyes... Am not judging working or non working females... And it's for mothers to decide what's best for their child... This was just a view point of a 3 year old boy which immensely moved me... 

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