My baby.. I will never compel u to be with me when I am old.. 
|   Mar 03, 2017
My baby.. I will never compel u to be with me when I am old.. 

Expectations always hurt... One should not expect any thing much from anyone and set your close ones free to fly high. The day our baby comes in our arms we tend to start dreaming. Many dream he would be a successful person many think he would be the best son.. Especially with having son... Daughters are always thought of going to some other house. 

The day my baby boy came in my arms.. I promised myself few things... 

  1. I willnever emotionally try to convince my son to make me happy with things which he might not like. 
  2. Will set him free... Where ever he wishes to go for study... Where ever he wishes to work.. Whether India or abroad.. He will be supported by me... 
  3. Many parents don't allow their sons to go out of the country as they think their sons would never come back... They forget distance can be created being in same house. I will never force my baby to stay with me. He would have given me immense happiness till he grows up... We as parents have our role in their life... We can't be always their priority. And once every parent understand this.. Their sons would come closer to them even if they physically go far. My baby would have given me my share of happiness till he grows up... Now it would be his wife's turn to be happy. The way he made us happy till he grew up.. I would want my son to make his wife happy for rest of his life. 
  4. I would want him to marry without any pressure... No Dowry. I will inculcate the sense of self respect so that he knows he is capable of Taking care of his wife without any support... 
  5. I would b there to guide him if he needs and asks for... Will not want him to obey whatever I say. If he asks I would definitely give my view but he would be free to use his mind and thoughts.. 
I will never want him to do something for us because it's his duty... He would be free from any guilt of not be able to come and meet us often... I will let him live his life to the fullest. Without any worries regarding us. By the time he gets married he would have given us much more than we have ever asked for. It would be enough for me to live rest of my life happily. 

My son... U will be a free bird... And I will always be there to guide you.. Show you the right path... But will never want u to be every time stressed of doing something u are not needed to do... We will take care of ourselves so that when we grow old... U are not in any kind of dilemma... May uu always shine like a star and we are able to see u from ground... We will never expect u to come to us and leave everything ur every achievement behind to take care of us. This will never be our win... It will be our loss...

 I brought u on this earth because I wanted to... And u will live this life like u want to... I am sure you will respect me more when you come to know my expectations of u... 

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