Never too late....
|   Feb 28, 2017
Never too late....

It was on all the news channels, a woman tried to kill herself,  a failed attempt of suicide by jumping off the roof of the building she works in. Thankfully, the security guards created an alert on the situation and saved her.

This was the first thing I heard on the news channel flashing 100 or 50 odd news in the morning slot. My first thought was thank God she was saved and second thought was why? The heart replied: May be some family issues. But my mind was in a disarray state and later my heart too joined in. A very sad and disheartening emotion overcame me.

Had read and heard about these suicide attempts earlier too but never felt that way. I asked my husband to switch over the channel and thought of writing about the same.

The daily routine took over and I rushed to the office. Later during the day overheard other colleagues also talking about the same. People made speculation's may be the case has a love angle, she was pregnant, some financial problems, husband having an affair, family issues and through out this my mind was jumbled up.

Not because I wanted to find the reason behind thus act. But because why wasn't she stron enough to face the challenge of what ever life was throwing at her.

My father always used to say: dying is very easy. One jump and finished. It's the living your life which is the most difficult. So one should always accept challenge.

Whenever one feels that it's the end of the road, think again, see again and you will be find light at the end of the tunnel.

In this digital age, it's ironic that when even the spouses wish birthdays and anniversaries to each other on social networking sites. Try going in person to your parents, spouse, siblings or a friend. Open your heart out of whatever is bugging you. Do not keep that anguish within, relieve yourself of it.

Speak to your children, make them aware that you are always there for them in thick or thin. 

Do not shy or avoid, seek medical help and get a mental health check up.

Take care of your health. Practice Yoga, running or a walk in the park.

Don't loose hope. It's never too late to start afresh. Time and patience are the best healers.

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