Not Allowed 
|   Feb 20, 2017
Not Allowed 

Understand that it may be the biggest achievement of any married female to be able to bear a child. Surely looking at the child the parents may become stress free and happy. But, consider those couples who in spite of trying everything were not able to have a child.

This blog is dedicated to those couples whose anguish and pain can never be explained.

Tanya married to her husband at a young age of 23 years. Everything was normal and both were trying to focus on their career so, thought of starting a family after may be one or two years of marriage. Circumstantially, the prolong wait went for three years. By the time, Tanya realised that her body was not responding, or her heart knew that there was something wrong it was may be late and then started the never ending ordeal of visiting doctors, medicals tests and treatments.

They even tried visiting the so called astrologers, temples. But, God had other plans. In the midst of all this, it was only her husband and her family who stood by her, barring a few friends.

It was during one of these days, that a baby shower parry was organised in the family and the mother in law initially made excuses for Tanya to not to attend the function and the  later on told her that she is not allowed to attend the function.

This was heart shattering, a deep wound, an irreplaceable pain had stung Tanya and she started rewinding the instances of the past one year. She recalled:

  • When her mom in law lied to her about sis in law''s pregnancy but once the child was born Tanya aunty was supposed to bring gifts for the new born.
  • Some of the friends and family wanted their child to maintain a distance from Tanya aunty.
  • She overheard her mom in law chatting with other female members of the family that may be her daughter in law was incompatible but the mom in law was helpless as the son loved her daughter in law too much.
  • One of the family members accused that Tanya aunt was supposed to be a bad omen and her son fell ill whenever Tanya aunty visits her.
  • How the neighbour blamed her of doing jadu tuna  (witchcraft) on her daughter.
Nowadays, we hear so much that people are in depression but Tanya could not afford to be in depression. Her father was a heart patient and she did not wanted her father to be sorry for her.

Her parents and husband knew and understood the pain she was going through and were her pillar of strength. It was her husband who comforted her every night. It was her parents who understood and never pressurised her to talk, instead played  a role of creating positive atmosphere. It was her sister who understood and never responded  angrily even if Tanya was being stubborn.

Their is always a solution and mom knows it all. For some it could be a sister or a friend. The role of loved ones in this tough situation is very important.

Currently Tanya preaches:

Ishwar mum nyaydata!

God is my judge!

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