Working mother''s trauma
|   Nov 28, 2016
Working mother''s trauma

Recently a video of a 10 month child being beaten up by an aya at her creche went viral on the social media and I was glad to know that the culprit was identified and police investigation and all was done BUT one question  is haunting me since then that whose responsibility is it anyways for that child''s ill treatment - the mother, the aya, the creche owner or the system.

Why do working mothers have to go through all this . . I am sure this child''s mother would have heard a lot about her being ambitious and not paying attention to her child but what''s wrong in her being ambitious .... Why can't the husband or the family take the responsibility of a little child and if they were not willing to take the responsibility then why the hell did they plan a child.

Why can't workplaces have creche for the entire office hours where female employees can come and take care of their children and for that matter other children as least the aya would be scared that any child''s mother can come at any point of time to have a look at the children.

When our country is moving with such high pace wherein equal participation of male and female is required at organization's then why can't be improved infrastructural facilities for working moms.

I left my job after my son''s birth just to make sure that nothing comes in way of his growth years and I can be present at all time to take care of him but not every mother has this choice. at times mothers have to work for the family or at times they choose to work then there has to be a rock solid support system for such children.

I wish whatever happened with this child happens with no other and Government should take this issue more seriously.

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