Sleeping with baby...not so easy!!                 
|   Jan 27, 2017
Sleeping with baby...not so easy!!                 

Sleep, such a normal, mundane word. I never gave much thought to it. For me, it was just another thing you do like you walk, talk, and eat, until I became a mother. Now the one thing I cherish the most(after my baby ofcourse!!) : a goodnight's sleep.

Sleeping with my baby has effected my sleep, and so not is a good way. You see, me and my husband, both need or say needed, lots of space while sleeping, Oh, no..don't think we are really fat or something, its just the way we used to sleep before our little monster came. I have never been someone who could sleep in one position the whole night. I toss and turn,  with hands and legs moving in all directions, and my husband is the same. Because of this habbit, we could never sleep cuddling for the whole night, like they show in movies and TV. Not so romantic right, but a lot comfortable. But sleeping with a baby does not leave much room for comfort, because :

  • You have to be conscious while sleeping, so you dont accidently put your arm on your baby
  • You can't just turn and change positions anyway you like, what if your baby is sleeping too close to you, you might hurt him.
  • Afraid, your tossing and turning might wake up the baby. God forbid if that happens.
  • You are in constant worry of your baby throwing the blanket off.
  • If you have a baby like ours, who likes to explore the whole bed in his sleep, moving here and there, you can say bye bye to a peaceful sleep completely.
  • Sometimes I find myself, at the edge of bed and my baby on the other side, and I dare not shift him as he might wake up being a light sleeper.  Its like being in between a rock and a hard place.
    Still, I love sleeping ( no matter how less I get it) besides my baby. The sense of contentment I feel is beyond anything. The wonder of motherhood.

    So what do you think, sleeping with baby..easy or tell....

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