My Angel
|   May 18, 2016
My Angel

I had an love marriage that too inter-reliogen and went all against my family thinking one day everything will be fine but my husband's family was cool with our marriage except few things here and there so i never had any backup in terms of my family,after 3 years of marriage we decided to have a baby,I was ready to take a break from my job,by god's grace I conceived but when I broke this news to my husband,he was thrilled though but first thing he said "your mom doesn't talk to you and my mom is always busy with her job,I was raised by my nani so now also you can't expect much help from her,if you can manage all alone then go-ahead".

After listening to all this my mind got even more stronger and prepared for my baby's arrival because I was already a mother and I knew only one thing no matter what but I will do it without any help,its my baby,my part who had all right to see this world.

During my 8th month I was advised complete bed rest but there was no one to take care of me other than my husband who had to go to work everyday leaving me all alone at home with one 18 year old maid,there was days when I used to cry whole day,used feel pity about myself but ultimately those tears made me even more stronger.,and then after all this my wonderful son came to my life,when I first saw him in the operation theatre,it felt as if he was saying through his eyes "thanks mom for bringing me to this world after all the odds you suffered" .That was the moment when i realised mother's each and every breath goes for their children no matter what day it is.

My Angel changed my life for good,he actually gifted me my long lost mother forever.                                                                #EveryDayIsAMothersDay

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