Blisters to bliss.
|   Mar 07, 2016
Blisters to bliss.

A woman I am.. I am also a daughter, a daughter in law, wife, sister , and most importantly a mother. I am also a team player, a team leader, a friend, and an individual in the society ,a citizen of my country. So many roles I play. Not just I , me and you, we are the materials forming this composite called world. I know very well that I am very fortunate. I live peacefully, I have a home, I have family , I have my angel- my greatest blessings, and many more. There are a lot of people who seem to be in a real bad situation, yet how many of us claim to be happy? How many feel successful and content? Arent there blisters in your heart? I see that there are many new moms like me, who seem to be lost, confused. There is so much joy, yet there is a vacuum. Why?

When princess turns mistress of the house, responsibilities pour in. Instead of being taken care of, you have to take care. Being so lost in the personal trauma, we forget to do our bit to the society. It is so very true. As you turn older and set a family for yourself, you are not only loaded with responsibilities, you also learn a lot about life. So, how do we apply what we learn, how can you generate joy in the heart. These are few things I did, and i am sure these are worth the try. This helped me empower the woman in me ..

1) Sleep deprivation - This can cause a real worry to a mom. I am sure, many would agree. A peaceful sleep is history. So, first tell yourself that this is a normal process and you can just pull through it. Sleep whenever you can- be it in the office bus or sunday afternoons. Sleep! and enjoy the nap. 

2) Health- Focus on your health. Eat right. Do this as religiously as possible as if you are going to participate on a beauty contest. Get massages done. Feeling healthy will solve most of the darkness. Use this opprotunity to check your will power. Try your best and the reward will stay throughout.

3)Dont try to be a ideal mom- Dont over do. Its ok to feed ready made food sometimes. It is ok! Let the house be messy on a saturday. If a break is warranted , take it. Set your limits. Even industries accept 1-2% defects.

4) Take up a hobby- Very seriously. At this time of life, when you think you have time for nothing, is exactly a time when you will have time! Try cooking, online courses, knitting, or jewellery making or trading. You can do it! I was reading about few women doctors. One of them was 99 years old and was still attending to patients and swimming.

5) Help others- Very consciously make an attempt to help someone each day. I say this because, until I delivered my angel I never knew that I can take care of a child and handle a family. If I can ensure well being of the family, I can definetely extend someting to the society too. -like these - do not pollute the enviroment. Dont ever! save the planet for the kids. I think just like how keeping home clean is a woman's pride, keeping earth safe is womans portfolio too. i do things like using cloth diapers, not using plastics, using public transport whenever i can, etc. Once you realise and respect the woman in you, you would act more like the ;woman of the globe not like the woman of the family.
Think for the world. Try to use the brain cells for problems of the earth too. If you spend 20 mins worrying about your family, spend a 5 min worrying for those who have no one to worry about them. A woman is an epitome of love. Remind yourself about who you are and you can see your problems melting.

You sure have blisters, but you can convert them to bliss. Does a caterpillar look like it would transform to a butterfly and fly around? Do people love watching caterpillars or butterflies. A caterpillar struggles only to become a butterfly. Thats nature's design. The blister is a bliss in disguise. Once you realise this, you can empower yourself. As you empower the woman in you, you can play all roles with ease. On the other hand, if the woman in you is forgotten, then you might not enjoy the bliss.. Enjoy the blisters, love yourself and live for you and others.. Respect the woman in you and life will just be a beautiful ride!

Remind yourself about the woman in you, understand responsibilities towards the world. This will help us raise happy, responsible, kind kids who are the future of the world. Let their world be beautiful, kind. No war, no terrorism, no natural disasters! Common ladies, lets do it..

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