How a mother feels after baby is settled at preschool
|   Jul 22, 2017
How a mother feels after baby is settled at preschool

So finally my 18 months old son has settled in preschool after two weeks of crying and howling.  Now I can drop him to school for 3 hrs and come back home rather than waiting outside. Since we got him home from hospital, I have never been home alone (without him) and the feeling of an empty house for couple of hours is a little overwhelming as well as depressing.. Not sure how to put it but it's quite confusing. I can actually have a cup of coffee without worrying about cup being snatched or coffee getting cold or it being spilled.. I can clean the house and see the whole house clean at one go (earlier if I would clean one area the other area would be messy and by the time I will clean that messy part the first cleaned area will be messed up again... Courtesy Aryan). I can cook lunch without worrying about baby getting hurt or him breaking something,  also I can listen to music while cooking (which I use to do before Aryan came into my life).  I can work on my laptop without tiny hands trying to press every key possible.  I can watch TV without the remote being thrown or battery being pulled apart (Aryan's favorite pass time these days).  These are just few things to be named.. Opportunities are endless but having said that comes the part when you have all the access to all the things you ever wanted to do in leisure but still feel lost. This is a feeling called 'missing my baby '.  Today as soon as I came back home after dropping him at school I planned my 2.5 hrs,  firstly will have a good bath an elongated one (if you are a mom you know what I mean)  Followed by a cup of coffee,  some music and working a bit on my laptop.  My 2.5 hrs was set, was also planning the rest of the week at the back of my head... So I went to the washroom and played some music, as soon as I was under the shower I heard a bang on the door.. I was like what happened and then I heard baby cry.. I opened the door and rushed to looked all around the house thinking Aryan must have hurt himself.. Was running the whole house to look for him and there struck the reality.. With one hand on my head I just leaned my back on the wall and said to myself calm down 'Aryan is at school'.. I literary was shaking from inside by then.. Gathered myself up went to take a bath which was a quick one,  had a glass of water,  sat on the sofa while switching back and forth between TV channels and kept looking at the clock for it to show 11:45 am so I can go and get my baby home.. That's how my 2.5 hrs went unlike how I had planned it.. When I saw my son after the long 2.5 hrs I just hugged him and tears rolled out..was so happy to have him in my arms... So we got back home,  he was tired and sleepy so fed him and put him down for a nap.. He seemed very tired so I anticipated around 3-4 hrs nap.. I made lunch for myself and thought in my mind that even I need a nap my mind seems tired.. So let's have lunch and take a small nap while baby is asleep.. Just when I was about to finish my lunch the tiny monster woke up... There goes my nap... Aryan slept for 1 hr and was awake the whole afternoon.  He went for another nap at 5 pm which I tried to avoid as much as possible because that would delay night bed time but in vain.. He napped for 1 hr and was awake till 11:30 pm..I was thinking to myself it's alright, tomorrow when he will be at school I can take a nap and compensate.. What do you guys think happened the next day??

Also watch this space for some tips on how to help your child settle in school. 

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