How do I cut the umbilical cord?
|   Mar 15, 2016
How do I cut the umbilical cord?
We live in a society where there’s plenty of space for kids to cycle, skate, and other outdoor activities. My daughters are 5 years old. They love to play like every other child of their age. That’s not a problem at all. In fact my husband and I put in extra effort to see that they enjoy playing. Ah! What did I know that my daughters will turn out to be these super energetic kids who would have to be kept engaged every minute of the day?. Now I wish I had got them glued to TV. Selfish mom!!

My daughters enjoy outdoor activities more and they  want to be out playing all the time. That’s the problem. I see a lot of children of different ages (some children are younger than my daughters), playing downstairs on their own  without their parents supervision. Aren’t their parents worried? Because I am. Super worried. Most of the time. My daughters are not allowed to use the lift without an adult with them  or go to play area without anyone accompanying them.I am concerned that they will get stuck in the lift or what if they get hurt. Oh my god! I have a big list of concerns.. How do some parents do it then? How do they let go? How did they cut the umbilical cord?

Spring is here, with its various colors and the weather is perfect for outdoor play. Being kindergarteners, my daughters don’t have any class exams to prepare for. I could keep them in, playing board games, puzzles, etc during the cold winter, but not anymore. So I had to let go. It might sound like a small issue, but believe me when I say, it is not. As a parent we always want to protect our kids from anything harmful. But how long can we do that? No matter how old they grow, they will always be too young and I know I will always be protective about them. But I had to change. I had to make that change in my mind.

So I changed. I let them go to play area themselves. The first day was hard. I sat in the balcony throughout and kept a watch on them. But when they came back from playing that day, they were so happy filled with confidence and full of stories to share that happened in the park and the way they managed themselves. They gave me a tight hug. And that was the # Khuljaye Bachpan moment  for me and my kids , when I remembered my playtime as a child, how I enjoyed playing freely. I realized that more I monitor them; the more they would want to break free. That day changed a lot of my perspective about being a protective parent. Of course, I still take all the care and  don’t let them use the elevator alone. I insist that they take the stairs when they are alone. But I am more accepting now to the fact that they are growing up now and  that they will be in Grade 1 soon. That was the problem, I could not accept the fact that they were growing up, that they need less of my supervision and needed to be more independent..

So I have decided that I will support my girls in everything they do,let them have fun and give them the freedom to explore things.So thats what Khuljaye Bachpan is all about, what say?


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