Pregnancy, Yes! Delivery, No!!!
|   Feb 23, 2016
Pregnancy, Yes! Delivery, No!!!

Recently, a friend of mine came out with the news that she is expecting her second one. God bless her! They are really brave women, who go for a second one these days. Pregnancy is all fine. Everyone pampers you and gives you the special treatment. Now the part which needs some courage to face is Delivery!! Delivery, post delivery, Oh my God!!

My water broke at 5:30 in the morning, 3 weeks before the due date, on my birthday!! Yes, you read it right, on my Birthday. My little devils thought it will be a nice surprise for mommy for them to arrive right on her birthday. Being pregnant with twins, I was mentally prepared for early labor, but on my birthday, were they kidding? When we arrived at the hospital, an hour later, is when all the confusion started. Now, I had been insisting that I want to have a natural delivery. No c-section if possible. Having never had even a big wound in my entire life, I was a little scared of being operated. During my last visit to my Gynic, she had mentioned the 50% possibility of a C-section delivery since I was carrying twins. In a small, hesitant voice, I had asked her, How much will you cut? Ah! She could hardly control her laughter when she explained that they were no butchers and how the cut will be just as big as the babys head. Well, it is all fine to listen. My water has broken; both the babies are in good position for natural delivery, all good going. Yay! Wait a minute, I had not dilated.

I was told to relax, that my Gynic would visit me soon and she would let me know the further details. After waiting for half an hour, she came, she did her checks. Oh, the number of people who wanted to stick their hand in my vagina were too many that day. Yuck! There is no room for bashfulness, shyness, modesty during your delivery time, thats what I realized. So my Gynic, after doing her check told me that, I had still not dilated and since I had requested for normal, she said that we could wait and see. In the mean time, the babies and my heartbeats would be monitored. Great! If there were any signs of either of the babies heart beat lowering then we would have to go for c-section. I couldnt argue with that. It was 8:30am then. I was advised not to eat anything as I might have to be operated anytime. Now, I had not had anything from when I had woken up. I was hungry. When I told my doctor that, she said I could have a glass of fresh fruit juice and nothing else. So my husband ordered a glass of juice which I gladly finished in one gulp. After a couple of hours my doctor returned to check again. No dilation yet. We will wait for a little more time, since the babies are in good position we might just have a normal birth. She said that and she breezed away to her line of waiting patients. Third time she came, I had dilated 2 centimeters, which was nothing close to what was expected, but since I was dilating now and since the babies were fine too, why not wait? Ok, I eagerly nodded my head to her suggestions, still hoping for normal. It was 1pm by then. Hungry! And to top it, my contractions started. I was hungry, pained, sweaty and I had to go through a parade of nurses and junior doctors who wanted to check on me. I was tired, smelly, a little embarrassed, and uncomfortable, you can name a discomfort and I felt all of that while I waited. At 4pm I was still 2cms, still wanted to wait for normal delivery. So we waited.

My husband and my parents, who had been waiting with me throughout, were feeling concerned that I hadnt had anything to eat from morning, so my husband requested the doctor to let me have a little something. When the doctor heard it was my birthday, she felt bad too that I was kept on a fast on my birthday and she said I could have another glass of juice and nothing else. So I had my second glass of juice. It was 6:30 pm now. I was still 2cms. The nurse made the check. My doctor came in half an hour later and she said thats it, we cant wait anymore, and C-section it is. By then I was too tired to care. I was sweating bullets with the centralized AC being on. I just wanted to get out of that position. So I gave up and told her to do whatever she thinks right. It was 7:30pm then. I had been in the labor ward for 12 hours now. The preparation for operation started. By 8:20m I was taken into the operation theatre. It was bright as sunlight in there. I had still energy enough to observe that there were at least a dozen people in the OT. Out of which I could see a lot of male beings. And I was stripped bare (whatever little modesty was left was gone tooJ) and lifted on to the operation table by 2 of the male nurses. The operation started, being on local anesthesia, I was conscious, and the anesthesiologist was standing near my head and he kept a conversation going on throughout the procedure. In twenty minutes, it was done; both my girls were out, crying. I was barely conscious to see their face. I went in to the OT at 8:20pm. I was out of it at 9pm with both my girls being born hale and hearty. Happily ended, eh? Sure, lets talk about feeding, pooping, sleep deprivation on another time.

To this day, whenever I remember the delivery day, I feel extremely uneasy. So, cheers to all those brave women who make up the courage through go through all this. Of course, all of us dont go through the same things, each of us have our own story. But for me, I am done! I cant go through that again. Thank God, I got 2 for one. :-)




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