Where are we headed? Why the mad rush?
|   May 06, 2016
Where are we headed? Why the mad rush?

Why the rush where are we headed  !!! Not a moment to spare , not a thought to share. Such is the dilemma we face every day....

 As a successful media professional it took a lot of heated debates, sleepless nights, deep introspection and some serious soul searching conversations , before I decided to take a sabbatical from a satisfying career to spend some quality time with my son.  I just  wanted to see him grow, just  be there for him when he returned from school, hear his never ending tales, take him for his friend's birthday parties and so on.Basically, nurture him and be a full time mom. And make no mistake, it is a full time job with no salary.  It has been a year and a half since I quit my job with a leading television channel.  I will be honest , there were moments when I felt lost and confused,  like a directionless arrow , I missed the frenetic pace of my career, the action , the  adrenalin rush ,the fun and excitment .. However, I soon came to the conclusion ,, there is a time for everything. Jobs come and go but children are children only once, they grow up too fast. Even, though I ,   miss my financial freedom , I must admit ,just listening to my sons unadulterated laughter when I pick him up from his school bus makes up for the loss.

 Like they say if you want something u never had, you got to do something U never did . If you keep sitting on the edge of the water, you will never know the joy of swimming. As I said earlier, the job does not have a salary but it does offer an unmatched perk. The perk of being loved unconditionally and completely.Life is all about making choices, there is no right and wrong, there is no black and white, there  are no absolutes , life is relative.....  It is just about each moment, each situation is unique  Also, different strokes for different folks. One has to take a call and set one's priorities in life. You can't have everything all the time.  As for me , I have no regrets, I am discovering the joys of being a full time mother. I no longer feel like a head less chicken scampering around  or a scullery maid running from pillar to post.  Every cloud has a silver lining so I am spreading my wings now, I am broadening my horizons.  I am finally doing all that I wanted to do and hopefully some of  it will generate money also . I am busy with creative pursuits but I do them at my own pace while balancing them with my domestic and parental responsibilities.I am able to spend  time with my child, I have less arguments with my husband as I am not on a short fuse all the time, I visit my parents more often, enjoy a cup of tea with my father and go on long walks with my mother. I am able to have long leisurely lunches with my friends. Life is good!!! Really, I have no regrets. I would advice all mothers who are contemplating taking a sabbatical...to take the plunge. Of course, figure out your finances, invest your savings and curtail your expenses. So, my advice to all the women and moms out there trying to be supermoms, relax!!! Dont be so tough on yourself , you can't do everything all at once, if you give yourself to your career, then it is all right to have a chaotic household and  if your house runs like a well oiled machine then it is acceptable to take a short sabbatical . In trying to be the best wife, best mom  and best employee, dont kill yourself, dont lose your mind, dont burn the candle on both ends ..

Just decide what you want and make it happen..., go for it full throttle with a no holds barred approach. When you want something with all your heart, the universe conspires to give it to you. So take the plunge, pursue that dream,seize the day....just do what you got to do, the rest will fall into place., it just has to.

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