Is being over-protective going to make my child a weakling?
|   Nov 28, 2015
Is being over-protective going to make my child a weakling?

I carried him in my womb for nine months, feeling his movements and quipping as he would kick inside. That was our first interaction. The second one was of course, when after a hard labor of about 12 hours, going through the strenuous pain, I first held him in my arms and i was wonder struck with the feeling of a new designation, a mother. All I could say was, you are my precious and I will always love you and protect you. Not even once had I thought that this could bear hard repercussions on my baby. To protect him from all the pain that could come unforeseen, I had to expose him to the little pains, to the needle of vaccinations, to begin with, to the exposure of the machines, to the exposure of the world, in which he had arrived unprepared. I was supposed to make him prepared for everything that he could and he would face. 

As he would cry out of pain, my heart cried out loud wishing I could take his pain but I had to be strong to make him feel safe in my arms. This would happen again and steadily I became strong too and so did he. The definition of protection soon changed in my own dictionary after I felt that letting go was the best way of making him grow up. If he had to learn crawling, I had to leave him on the floor. He would fall, hit his head, bit his lips and bleed but then eventually he would learn and speed up. I felt happier at his little achievements and I reminisced the story of the butterfly coming out of the cocoon. If anybody helped it break the cocoon, it would die, It had to make its own efforts and struggle out of it. and if it did so, it came out stronger, ready for the world.

Every single day, I underwent such a struggle with my son, who fell down at numerous times and I picked him up but did not clutch him to my bosom. I left him down on the ground again, to make him stronger, to help him learn. We struggle, we try, we fall, we try again and we end up learning it better. As he turned one, today, I stand tall with pride to see him adjust well with each and everyone, walking and struggling. My shield of protection is now holding his hand. because that is all that he needs. A little support in whatever he does and I as his mother will always stand with him like a permanent shadow. Now i have understood that to make him stronger, healthier and confident, all I need is to let go,  and start believing that he will do it himself and will do it better without my support.

Sometimes, unknowingly, we shower our children with over-protection which may hamper their overall growth and development. As a parent, it is necessary for us to understand the true aspects of protection and understand the thin line of difference between protection and over-protection. We should also make them understand the value of struggle and that nothing would come easily. This helps a child come out to be a stronger being. As a teacher and a mother, this has been my mantra of success for every individual, if you see your child working hard, pat his/her back and if you see them lagging behind, motivate them to work hard. Never scold your child but make them understand the pros and cons of right and wrong. Eventually, they will strike the right chord. 

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