Seven traits of an IDEAL Daughter in Law
|   Jul 19, 2016
Seven traits of an IDEAL Daughter in Law

A perfect daughter in law can only be seen in TV serials or movies. Reality is that they don't exist but the search for them is on for like forever and every MIL dreams of such a bahu to enter her household and turn it into a heaven.

To be an Ideal bahu, you MUST have these seven traits:

1. keep your Self Esteem on a window pane, ready to be tossed out anytime
Well, if you don't throw it out of the window yourself, chances are that it will definitely be rammed against the BIG egos of in laws or husband and of course, that will cause a rift. So an Ideal bahu will never let that happen. Plus, one with a self esteem are deemed arrogant, selfish and of course self centered by the MILs.

2. keep aside Love for self
You will have to be all decked up in gold and red and orange with a face painted like a peacock, why, because that’s what a typical Saas wants. A chalta firta boutique that she can show off. Whether or not you feel fine, you are tired or even busier at your work front, when the house summons you, you have to be on your toes 24*7 and that will definitely make you a bahu to die for.

3. Ban Partying and friends
Until and unless you switch to a nuclear family of yours, you should forget to have a life outside of the corridors. You will be frowned upon each time you step out for late night movies or parties. Well, times have changed but in most of the cases mentalities have stayed the same. Well if yours is an exception, count yourself amongst the luckier lot.

4. Forget your Sleep and be obedient to early morning alarms
An ideal bahu is expected to wake up before the sun rises and to complete all the morning chores before leaving for the work. Even if your in laws do not force you to get up early, chances are that your MIL is inwardly unhappy about it. She might not tell you so but she does expect you to do it all. Very rare exceptions happen in this case. And if you are one of them, girl you have a mother here.

5. Serve in sickness and in health
This vow holds true to the service that this house demands of you. You stay on your toes in sickness and in health. rest is something you have to forget here and also the selfless service of your mother, who stood by your bedside as you lay in the sickbed. You will have to unlearn that nobody is going to actually care if you are sick or fine. You are free to rest after all the work is complete. Exceptions are a true delight.

6. Goodbye agitation, goodbye frowning
The day you enter that door, you have to leave your real self well behind and have to wear that ever smiley face mask like forever. Whether you are upset, or in distress your face should hide it very well behind that fake smile.  Or else, you are definitely not going to fit into the shoes of an ideal bahu.  

7. Always nod in an yes even if you don't agree

Everybody's opinion matters when it comes to deciding of the well being of the house but you don't belong to the house. You are an outsider so how can you even dare to poke your unwanted nose into our business. Stay out and stand like an audience and nod in a yes even if you feel like disagreeing because who cares what you think.

Lastly, I just want to say that Ideal bahu is a mann ka vehem. She doesn’t exist, reason, a MIL will never praise a Bahu whatever she does. She can never be happy and satisfied with what her DIL does. And believe me, this relationship is a bitter sweet combo of emotions in the absence of which we won’t have any adventures in life and if all is well who are we going to bi**h about, what are we going to crib about. And those who do have Sweet MILs, celebrate the fact that you have two mothers.

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