Wish we could block these Aunty Acids!!
|   Jul 14, 2016
Wish we could block these Aunty Acids!!

We can never gauge the reality of a situation unless we are stuck in one. But does it stop us from giving free advice to the person stuck in wrong relationships, mental mash ups or a health problem. No, it doesnt, each of us become the super doctor when it comes to rescue others.

We advice onPregnancyAunty Acid: Oh, I have borne four children, I know how it is. You should eat this, eat that, keep moving, keep walking, keep working even if your doctor tells you to rest. I did the same and the results were superb. Me: No, you dont know how it is. Each and every being is different. They feel things differently and doctors advise because they are qualified to do so, are you? No you arent so stop poking your bloody nose into my business. In short, just leave me Alone.

Raising a ChildAunty Acid: You should eat this to increase your breast milk. The baby is crying, it must be hungry. Feed him. You should never do maalish like this. Do it as I say. Kaal teeka nahi lagaya. Nazar lag jayegi. Make your baby wear a tabeez. Bla blab la..Me: I just fed it. It could be crying for million other reasons. I dont believe in nazar. Oh Puhleezz will you stop and give us some space to breathe. Just leave us alone.

Sticking to an abusive relationshipAunty Acid: My child, if he is like that atleast you keep quiet. Try to work it out with your husband even if he is a bully, abusive, or even worse a wife beater. Men are like that. You just cant help it. In short, they ask you to be submissive, tolerative and adjusting doormat. Another Free Advisor: You are too young. We have seen the world. Life is tougher without a man, stick with him or else you will be unable to live gracefully. Me: Come on, what generation are you living in. I am educated, well read and well bred. Why do I need to be a doormat when I know my worth. If this man doesnt know it, it isnt my problem, I will move on. And how do you know if I havent adjusted enough, how can I let my self-worth rot every day, my self-respect maligned every single day.

A DivorceeAunty Acid: You have spoiled your entire life. Nobody respects you now. People say so many things about you. What have you done to your life?Me: I have sorted my life out. I have a career to thrive on and I can raise my children myself. I dont need a man like that to affect our lives. We now have better things to look forward to than sit in a corner and sulk.

I can go on and on with situations and the free advice that come pouring in without being asked for. What do we do. Obviously turn a deaf ear and move on and live just the way you want. These free advisors are never there to help when you actually need a helping hand but yes they come wagging their tongues just when you are all sorted out to sprinkle salt and pepper to your wounds and relish the pain from afar.

P.S. : - I have a very loving husband and an adorable son and I am happy with my life. But I do have such Aunty acids, many in number with such wagging tongues rolled out in every scenario whether we want or not, to blabber words that are poured upon like melting wax, ouch that really hurts. If you have any such situation and experience in mind. please do share :) Let's have a good laugh..

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