Decide wisely you don't regret later
|   Jun 29, 2017
Decide wisely you don't regret later

I am Ria and this is my first blog .I am a stay at home parent of two lovely story goes thirteen years back when I got married at an early age of 23 ....and then was a mother of  a beautiful angel at 25... My world revolved around my daughter for three years and on her third birthday I got to know that we will be extending our family further....had afury of mixed emotions in my head ......was happy to give her a partner in crime for the rest of her life at the same time dint want her love ( which was solely hers for past 3 years ) to be shared ....time went by I was 5 months pregnant and so wanted to share it with my best friend ( my daughter) but was unable to do that....given a set of reasons....but today after six years when I look back I feel I should have told my angel about it...may be that was the first time I would have shared something ... Big with her....something that would have made her more close to me...something that would have given her the courage to confide in me just the way I did or wanted to....something that would have not only made my bond more strong with her but also with her sibling who was yet to when I look back in time I just regret the decision I then made

This I realised from the very moment of the birth of my my lil angel the darling of the house was considered to be the big my lil angel had to carry her set of responsibilities towards her younger sibling even when she had no clue aboutt from where did he come from everybody would refer to her as badi behen( big sister) ....and poor thing dint even know how to react.... Her eyes had a zillion questions to which I had no answers (). Anyways that was just the beginning...and as the time passed we all consider the elder sibling to be more compassionate and calm towards the younger one....Everytime she would come to me or somebody with any complaints we would say woh chota Hai aap bade ho aap samajh jao....not realizing she is also chota she isn't a grown up even she is a kid.....

Today I just feel angry with myself how did even I fell into the trap of telling my angel that you r the elder one so you have to understand as the younger one is too young to understand I try to amend my decisions considering the younger one will always be so for the rest of his life but he can't just get away with it.....

And pray to God that my angel does not hide anything from me..I want to be by her side forever I want to be her best friend forever...

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