Have a chopstick diet!
|   Mar 12, 2015
Have a chopstick diet!
Did you ever wonder why Japanese ever created chopsticks for !
Well yes for hygiene reasons ....no no that's not all there's more to it .
They crafted chopsticks so that children can have maximum pincer developments .
They say it also helped putting  pressure on the pincers which would in turn make you lethargic and 
Limit your intake ,by doing so you can actually analyse how much goes in your mouth .

Have you ever seen a obese Japanese ? Hehe except for sumo s.
That reminds me of a question that I asked to one sumo called Akebono he's a Japanese Hawaiian mix breed .I asked" how do you become so fat " he replied well it's all n your Chopsticks .
Then I started wondering ,but never seeked for an answer till I read this book called why Japanese don't put on or age.?
The author beautifully describes how the Japanese food played an important role in her life.
how eating and eating with right tools can be a right lifestyle choices .
she also describes why Japanese women suffers less from breast  cancer then her other  world sisters.
Intake of tofu daily in your diet does wonders!
She says " my mother prepared our food as if she painted a canvas .....
She said " during my stay in the US I had put on so much and after completion of her studies in US on returning back to Tokyo within 3 months she reduced .
That reminds me to tell you all that whenever ,I start with my bento chopstick diet I always stay fit, slim and of course feels good as the saying goes you are what you eat ......

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