Feeling Guilty for being a working mom...
|   May 24, 2016
Feeling Guilty for being a working mom...

Getting up in the morning and when touched my daughter could feel the temparature.Now its time to go to grand ma's place where i can leave her as she would not get bored..I was in dilemma whether to go to office or not as there was an important meeting that I had to attend and which cannot be missed out..Now there arises the guilty feeling of not being perfect mom where I cannot look after her when she is in dire need of me. As she kept on saying do not leave me and go my heart was sinking.Unfortunately i had to because of the deadlines that I had to meet at my office.

Then came my mom's support not to worry we will look after her and she will be busy by the time my siblings who will be reaching after an hour and she would call me and let me know if everything is fine.That made sense and there I go decided to leave for work(along with the guilty feeling).

I have always seen the patience my mother has when compared to me.And one thing that I observed is her action is  always through love.I try to do that but at some point get frustrated and get annoyed for which I feel bad later.Children learn things and behaviour from surrounding environment.From parents and  grandparents specially.So in order for them to be a peace lover or to become good person we need to inculculcate such things and avoid anger, bad words, etc. and all your action that you do in front of them.These are some of the things that I include in my day to day life which might be helpful for other moms.

 The day with my daughter starts off by saying good morning and hug(my daughter at times tells me that I got up early to see you which makes my day ;)even though it is something that she is telling to flatter me and not allow me to go to office)..Then comes the breakfast where i have to put my creativity cap and tell few good stories so that i can feed her without her knowledge as she is very much involved on the story that I am narrating..Time to get ready..there goes another story and talk for all the work that we do...

One thing is for sure to all the mothers out there.By the time we have kids they would teach us what is patience for sure along with other things.

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