Relationship once broken is broken....
|   Jun 10, 2016
Relationship once broken is broken....

Relationship once broken is broken. I have a close friend who logged into office with a sad feeling..When I was speaking to her about normal work Veena(name changed) was in a different world and she was not at all listening to me.I thought there is something seriously running in her mind.Immediately left the work where it was and we went on for break and thought I will ask her the reason for being like this. I ordered a cup of tea for both of us and when I asked wat happened she bursted out with tears rolling out all on her face and seeing this I had to stop my tears as right now I am the one who should comfort her..and be as a strength to her. Then she started off asking me a question do u think relationship once broken can it be joined? I asked what happened and why are you asking this question what situation made you to ask this question.

I know a little background of her family after marriage.Immediately after marriage others started saying they are cute couple made for each other good family and so on which was true after 3- 4 months of marriage.Later, she started feeling that she was loosing freedom as her in laws were so much possesive about her they started being behind her as though she was kid(also,Veena was brought up differently and independently).They used to prepare the food that she liked and at times if she did not like to have food that they made (that was watery unlike the one that her mom prepares)she was forced to have as they would start feeling bad if she do not. So, would just gulp that food thinking of in laws and to avoid the fights and backbite which they explain it to SIL and once she eats it happily the same food would be provided everyday until she hates it..even a small thing that she needs to buy needs to be asked to FIL to get it.No food was allowed from others the list...they cant be blamed as they were showing extra love as the saying goes anything more will become dangerous.This continued on for days but she was just swallowing these things...Finally there came day where she had to burst out as it crossed threshold level and there happened a big fight which included her sister in law and it turned out to be war...And the sad part was neither her husband nor anybody was there to support her.

From then on it has been 4 years that she has not spoken to her SIL...Eventually started speaking to parents and got adjusted to whatever they are cooking and just thought that eat food just for living.Now her husband states that he is not happy staying with her and he would only be happy if she reunite with SIL which is not possible because now also the way she behaves with Veena is rude whenever her husband is not around.She looks at Veena like an outsider and now why does Veena need to hold her leg and ask for pardon when she shouted on Veena earlier and when SIL shouts or does gossips whenever Veena's husband is not around.Now Veena has her own house and has earned few savings and she felt that she was living happy life and her husband is happy..From last few days he started ignoring her and he states that..... why not start things afresh living everything behind and starting on a clean me you can't make me any happier than that..Listening to this sentence she collapsed when she got to know that he was not happy being with her... There I was who needs to give an answer to the question that was initially raised.I was in dilemma as to what to answer as she was a girl who was kinda nature when she fights or have enemies she would never ever turn back and it is vice versa when she loves somebody she ensures that they have everything even before they themselves think of it and looks after them with utmost care.Now if I ask her to say sorry and ask her to reunite she might think I am not supporting her and so the only words to comfort her was you do right and later god will show them the after results of what they have done.Veena sighed a great relief and nodded her head partly. She tells me that "once I opened up with my feelings towards you I am feeling better "and I am sure that this applies to most of the readers here that when we let out our feelings to somebody who is close we would get a great relief and it is like unburdening the weight in the heart.There we were back to our work and she started getting on things to work out in office deciding not to say sorry.. At times I do agree with her and I am not being feminist here why should she get blamed for everything when she is at in laws place...Why cant they treat like a person who lives along with them rather than 3 rd person or a guest...why can't she make her own food and why can' t the husband support her when she is alone....questions goes on and on....and I had to stop thnking about this as there hit a reminder on my computer screen for a meeting to be attended.Please note that these were the thoughts that I had please feel free to share your thoughts on this if you have any.

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