Are kids reflection of our love !! Well yes no maybe
|   Mar 15, 2017
Are kids reflection of our love !! Well yes no maybe

Scene 1

Dad's retirement party : All my dads college friends have turned up and it was a very pleasant surprise.As i serve them tea,one of them advicing me , have kids your dad is not telling you but he is unhappy as you are childless.

Scene 2

Cousin's Graduation Day : Admist two drinks ,my cousin tells me , he loves you a lot and you know that,but for world kids are the reflection that he loves you, have them soon.(Cousin is a housesurgeon).

Scene 3

Family friend's house : i am going to usa to help my daughter as she is due in about you ?any news yet?How long will you enjoy life,its high time you have kids.Thats when your parents will be happy.

"Being eldest in the family, i am yet to conceive.And my sister who is three years younger has two kids already."

But is it really true that the kids are reflection of parents love.I have seen many women in my life, be it family , be it friends who didnt want the child but things happened,well thats not judged as they have kids now,no matter what happened ,they are parents now and would be happy.

Choosing the love of my life in college and getting married at 21 gave us little thought about the children at that age.we wanted to settle down first by clearing the debts.Little does the world know all this, they assume ,may be she has a problem because of her weight, may be He has a problem ,why dont they need kids, how mean that they want to be like that without taking up responsibility.

I think its one's choice when they want to have kids,not when the world wants them to :)

Kids are truly a reflection of parents love in many cases but not all the cases.

Please Stop judging !!!

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