Of 'Khota Sikkas'
|   Sep 08, 2016
Of 'Khota Sikkas'

The scene of little Aamir Khan snug in a corner with a tiny trophy in his hand ,while his brother enjoys the adulation of his father in JJWS , can indeed melt you right away. While towards the end of the film the ' khota sikka' manages to prove his worth, not all 'sikkas'  turn out to be like him. At least not in real life! And the situation can turn murky if the sikkas happen to be two sides of the same coin or children from same parents. 

Theresa has a constant crib about her younger daughter reaching her milestones a little late. Though if you ask me the child is doing pretty fine according to normal standards. She is fourteen months and has just started walking. But if you are a mother whose scale of reference happens to be her elder daughter, you are bound to miss on the joys of celebrating the younger one's achievements. 

Ayush and Suyash are just a year apart. Their father, Vinod, has recently registered them for a coaching programme that will help them to crack some engineering exams. Suyash, despite being the younger one, is doing exceedingly well at the academy and Vinod is rather disappointed with the grades of the elder boy. Though there aren't any insinuations as such, Ayush's minor achievements go unnoticed as accolades are always for the bigger achiever.

Turn this into a situation ten to fifteen years later. The never ending parallels just don't cease. There's never a categorical announcement of preferences but there's always a word or two about elder sister Ayesha's extraordinary skills or pay hikes.

It's often easy for us to realise that all children are not alike but when it comes to siblings, rather unknowingly, parents tend to believe that both or all their children will achieve the same level of success in minor as well as major tasks. They even expect siblings to react in similar manners and be absolute Xerox copies. It's like you feed a certain programme into one system and expect other systems to follow suit, forgetting conveniently that they are different entities. What they forget is that despite being born in the same family each child has his own sensibilities and the Master has a different plan for each one. The 'ghost comparisons', as I call them, are demotivating to say the least. 

And they just don't seem good with any parent. While nothing may be deliberate, there must be a conscious effort to keep your scales balanced.

So the next time you hug your elder one for the winning trophy don't forget to pat the younger one for the glass of water he got you as he watched drops of perspiration trickle down your face as you clung on to his sibling. At that moment, you have, not one but two reasons to feel proud of!!!

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