Kids grow out of their expensive things so fast! Now what?
|   Sep 16, 2016
Kids grow out of their expensive things so fast! Now what?

We all have been in the situation where our child outgrows the expensive ‘educational’ toys / furniture that we had so lovingly bought from them. Used baby furniture is the bug bear that troubles us the most in the early years of a child’s life.

Consider this, these days all parents want their kids to have the best entry into the world. We even book a good hospital room months in advance, because we do not want anything lacking. And then we research, research and research for the best of everything that any new born could ever need.

And a new born needs a LOT! Heres a rough inventory of things that you may have bought in the baby’s first few years :

Baby cots (including mattresses), Changing stations, Breast Pumps, Feeding pillows, Food preparation and Sterilising Machines, Prams and Strollers, Baby Carriers, Play Gyms, Bath tub, Toys – Both plush and battery operated, Car seats, Booster seats and High Chairs, Baby Monitors, Humidifiers

And this list does not include the clothes, special food, washcloths, bottles, diapers, wipes, creams, soaps etc. etc. etc. Phew! Bringing up babies is no easy task. And that also brings us to the question – What does one do with all the used baby furniture and accessories once they have outgrown them?

Keep used baby furniture for second child

This is what most of us end up doing. Once we’ve had a baby we know for sure that quality baby equipment comes at a price. We would rather pack and keep things stored for a couple of years than go through the whole buy-buy-buy cycle again. But the only problem is – SPACE. In a Mumbai apartment, there’s barely enough space to store items of everyday use, let alone keep things stored for years at a go! One could of course make use of an external service provider, but how many of us actually go that route?

Give to Charity/ House help

This is usually the de facto arrangement for most of the things that we feel have some life left in them. Be it your old pressure cooker or ink jet printer – you give it to your house help. And even your kids’ old clothes, shoes and toys. However, one faces a dilemma when it comes to disposing off items like cots and changing stations and car seats. How would any of these find use in a low income household. The recipient may actually be more overwhelmed than grateful – and your largesse may just make its way to the raddiwala.

Sell on Ebay or Olx

Sab kuch bikta hai. And good luck to you with handling the numerous calls and follow up emails that you will have to endure in the process of finding a buyer. Not to mention deciding pick up place, timings, negotiating, bargaining – there’s no better way to pull your hair out is desperation than to sign up to sell used furniture on a mass listing portal.

Sell on a specialised second hand baby goods shop?

Apart from being expensive, we know that Baby products are special. The main reason that most of these products are so expensive in the first place is that – they go through stringent quality control checks. The material, design and workmanship of most baby products is of a far superior quality than most adult products. Things like cots and high chairs need to withstand the punishments of tough little tots! Which is one of the reasons that, reselling and purchasing used baby furniture is a very sensible option indeed. Especially when one buys it from a marketplace dedicated to selling only baby products.

Fortunately, in India we have a trusted online market place : which provides exactly the sort of interface that a hassled parent is looking for.Not only do they pick up, sanitise and list your used baby products for selling – they also provide full transparency and seller anonymity throughout the process. So the neighbouring Gupta Aunty needn’t know that you are selling your baby’s cot or walker that she had gifted to you!

Indeed, I have used the services of PreCared several times over the last couple of years and am truly a loyal customer. The best part is that you can choose whether to have the amount received through sales of your product to your bank account or to a charity! That is called responsible reselling :) 

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