|   Feb 08, 2017

There are few moments that are so very special that they remain etched in our hearts for eternity. This blog is about one such overwhelming experience that helped me evolve. I am a director of a school. We had our school's annual sports meet and we invited students from a school for special children this year to participate with our students. There were around 40 physically and mentally challenged children. The purpose was to bring some happiness into their lives along with sensitising our students. But I never knew they will leave me with tears in my eyes and lessons for life.

When they were asked to take positions for races, there was one boy on wheelchair who was waiting for an attendant to take him and then there came "my hero" - a boy with polio with all distorted limbs who despite his own physical condition took hold of the wheelchair, dragged it till the track and then went and took his place. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing! It was a profoundly heart-rending moment with mixed bag of soul-stirring emotions. I not only developed a deep reverence for him for his awe-inspiring gesture exemplifying compassion but also felt that if I could develop half of this in my own child as a mother and in my students as an educator, I would consider I have made my mark!

Exhilaration of participation, zest to finish the task, euphoria of winning and pride of standing on the victory stand evident on their faces was so heart-warming. The things common in all of them were indomitable will and undying hope. They exemplified that one needs big heart and strong mind to overcome all the challenges of life. They told that happiness is not subjective. They proved that they are equal and they should be treated equal with dignity. They are my role models for life.

But their presence left me with poignant realisations that are perturbing. The things we want in life are so belittled. For all these children who insist on doing their own tasks despite the challenges, there are people like me who despite having all the help at home crib about hectic days! For this girl without both hands who has to struggle to customise clothes, there is a girl like me who regularly complains of not enough clothes because she can't repeat a dress! For every boy who is deaf and dumb, there are people like us glued to our phones who don't spare time to talk to family and friends! The immense gratitude for the blissful life is reinforced to the hilt! Next time whenever I am going to crib for anything, I hope that these children are going to pass my thoughts and the realisations struck back again! And I just hope I keep doing my little bit of good wherever I am as I believe it's this little bits done by each one of us put together that overwhelm the world!

My hero😍

"Limitations live only in our minds!"

"The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who's going to stop me." - Ayn Rand

"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them!"

Love to all


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