Mommy buddies
|   Jun 14, 2017
Mommy buddies

Go shopping with them, they won't disappoint you,

Have a cup of tea, they give you all the pleasure,

Announce a sudden visit for breakfast,they welcome you 

when you are quiet,they feel the tears you want to shed,

Their smiles are far more convincing than their words and the love in their eyes is as warm as the morning sun.

Friends in need are friends indeed. This quote stands true in every sense. Having friends refreshes the mind and removes the blocks in mind caused due to stress.

Shalini was a brilliant child with vigour and intelligence till she married. Tarun was an ambitious man living with an orthodox Indian family. Both had a lot of love for each other but the conditions slowly started killing the zeal to love in Shalini. Always being taunted and not being treated as respectfully as others in the family made her very dull and demotivated. The ladies in the park of her apartments seemed happier than her.She was waiting for a change but didn't know how it would come to her.Then a miracle happened, a very talkative smart lady who was an IT professional came to her and said, " How are you"? Shalini was blank as she wasn't asked that question from quite some time. She answered,"I'm good,what about you?" The lady replied, "A friend of yours" with a smile and told her that she had old in laws at home and had an infant at home. Her husband had a touring job and she had to look after everything at home. But what amused Shalini was the shine in her eyes and the warmth in her words. She couldn't stop herself and asked how could she take care of everything and still be so relaxed. Her friend replied, "I married for myself and promised that I will take care of everyone around me. I will not lose myself to situations and lose the precious moments of life to anger,hatred or complaints. Initially my in-laws were insecure about me but eventually started loving and caring more due to my love for them." 

This struck a spark in Shalini and a fresh flow of thoughts gushed in her. "I too had done the same," promised to be with myself and now I am only reacting to people and situations. Why? No doubt life has it's shades but why am I losing,why am I not standing up for myself and demanding the respect I need, why am I always expecting more than what I give, why can I not control my emotions to overcome others irrational behaviour. She went home calmy and prepared the dinner without any anger on face, with a smile like that of her friend and lo......her mother in law praised her salad for the first time.

Isn't that mommy's buddy special and aren't all those friends who help you to overcome those problems great.

Promising oneself once and again is very important. A relationship is not an outcome of proofs and insecurities it is a journey for mutual understanding and behaviour. You might have got hurt,you might have lost control over situations but it's never late to recover and repair yourself. You can't expect others to change until your are the change yourself.

Compassion through words and behaviour is what love is and that is what mommy's buddies share through a special bond.

Sita Prasad.

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