Gray Stripes, Tie, And a Hello Kitty Bag.
|   Jun 04, 2016
Gray Stripes, Tie, And a Hello Kitty Bag.

I was waiting at a signal today morning. It was 9 am and office rush hour traffic was at its peak. There was a guy on a bike, about a couple of vehicles on my right. He was obviously driving to work, based on his attire. His daughter was sitting in front of him on the bike. She must be around 4 or 5 years old. She was wearing a school uniform, so obviously the guy must have been dropping her off at her school on the way to his office .

In my city, it is quite a common sight in the morning, where the dads generally are on their way to drop the kids at school while going to their work places. But there was something about this father daughter duo that caught my eye. There were having an intense conversation, while waiting for the signal to turn green. The daughter was animatedly telling him something, and he was listening with all the patience and interest, that only a parent can summon for their child. He was nodding along, his face full of right expressions that the flow of the conversation demanded.

It was indeed an endearing sight. A corporate guy, complete with his crisp striped shirt, well ironed pants, with a tie to complete the attire. And this little girl wearing her yellow school uniform, hair tied up in two small pony tails, having an intense discussion, at 9 in the morning, while on the way to their respective destinations.

The signal turned green, and the traffic in the guy's lane went a little ahead than mine. And that is when I fell in love with this guy. Because that is when I saw the most adorable thing that could just complete this picture of super cuteness. On the guys back, there was a small, pink, hello kitty bag, strapped to him with all the pride in the world. The bag was so small that it could easily have fit inside one of his more manly bag packs. But here he was, in all glory, wearing that pink, hello kitty bag like the most fashionable thing in the world. White, blue, grey, stripes, and bright pink. A very unique and the most adorable combination.

They went a different way than I was supposed to go, otherwise I would have definitely followed them and spoken to the guy (He would have found it too creepy for words, had I done it, but that's a different story)

I fell in love with his masculinity. He seemed so much more handsome to me than he probably was. It was the pink on him, that was bringing out his masculinity to the fullest.

To the guy, whoever you are, I want to thank you. The sight of your father daughter duo, dressed to perfection for your jobs, and the hello kitty bag, made me smile on a crappy morning and just made my entire day.

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