Is every day really Mother's Day?
|   May 11, 2016
Is every day really Mother's Day?

Is every day mother’s day?? 

I really really wish every day was mother’s day.

What did I do on mother's day?  

Well I had alcohol, I had a rare smoke, I had my dinner sitting on a terrace of a posh restaurant during happy hours, enjoying a cool evening breeze, with waiters serving me exotic Mexican dishes, and me holding hands with my husband. And the most important of all, I pooped in peace. Yes an uninterrupted, satisfactory poop.

Because on Mother’s day, I had left the small little wonder, who calls me mother, with the amazing angel, whom I call "mother". I had a fun, blast filled 24 hours. And the grandma and the grandchild both pampered each other. Win-win for everybody.

And my rest of the 364 days?  

Just replace the alcohol with left over milk/sides of bread/ little bits of dropped chapatis /the untouched vegetable soup and so on. Replace the smoke, with the amazing poopy diaper aroma, the holding hands with playing passing the parcel with toddler (as the parcel) with hubby, arguing over whose turn it is to entertain her .. Waiters serving you exotic Mexican dishes with sweating and toiling in the steamy kitchen in an attempt to make something delightful for the family.

I am not denying that the second picture is a different sort of heaven altogether. But come on , can't it be a mixture of both? 

Reading all the other mothers day blogs, I suddenly started feeling that maybe I am not a good mother. I left my kid alone on mother’s day (and did not miss her a whole lot.. Gasp!!!) I put extra work load on my ageing mother, and went out and enjoyed myself.

Frankly for me, mother's day is a tad overrated. Celebrating the relationship on one specific day is absolutely fine. But I wouldn't mind a “little bit” of extra inputs on the other 364 days too. And yes I love my daughter, my husband, as well as my mother the most in this world; so much that I can do almost anything for them. But no, I don't get all those completely overwhelming feelings (that you are reading about on social media) about sacrifice, and surrender regarding either, and especially not on any particular “Celebrative” day. For me, being all gushy and mushy with cute sentences about love, is a little hypocritical when on the other days one can't even experience a satisfactorily peaceful loo time.

Lets mix and match it up a little, people.

Let us not settle for one day of pampering followed by 364 days of living for others around you.

Mothers, don't settle for cleaning up the dirty plates of your better halves and kids, on the other "not mother's days". Don't settle for half eaten bits of chapatis or the soggy left over bread on the rest of the 364 "not mother's days". Either make or order your favorite dish and treat yourself at least some days in a week.

Don't give your kid the last piece of cake, convincing him and yourself that you really don't like cake or are not that hungry. Rather hide a piece for yourself (the biggest piece) before you offer it to the family to gormandize and secretly eat it till your heart is full.  

It's ok if you do not buy your kid the ten thousandth new toy but splurge a little on that new shade of lipstick that you have been craving for.

It is absolutely fine if, instead of a complete hot meal with 2 kinds of sabjis and parathas and 10 types of daal, you make a vegetable sandwich with only one type of filling and WITH the help of your kids and husband. It’s ok if the husband “babysits” so you can have your meal hot.
And its definitely ok if you do not feel the overwhelming kind of love or the sacrificing feeling that is projected on social media. Just water everything down to 10 percent of what is written, take a huge bite of that hidden piece of cake, and carry on rocking motherhood all damn 365 days!!!

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