My Own Little Safety Genie
|   Aug 30, 2016
My Own Little Safety Genie

“Nahi khana. No I don't want to eat this.”

“No I don't to drink this.”

“No I don't want to play with this.”

“No I don't want to wash my hands.”

“No I don't want to wear this.”

“No I will not spit out the water after brushing.”

Do any of these sound familiar? These are the words that one gets to hear most often with toddlers who have just learnt the art of saying no. 

Welcome to the terrible two’s. Or was it the tiresome three’s? Or the fearful fours? Frightening fives? It just does not end does it?

A typical day in the life of my toddler who would go all out to break the rules set by me, generally used to end with me getting angry and frustrated. A toddler who loves getting wet and dirty in the rain. Who loves to ignore all the standard hygiene guidelines. Who will just not eat any of the vegetables or nutritional food that I painstakingly make and serve in the most beautiful settings. I was really worried about her immunity being built up. Forget the nutrients going in through foods, the most important thing for me became how to protect her from the various infections that crop up at every weather change, and specially the monsoons.  

I’m worried all the time about the germs and the infections that my kid might catch due to all of the adventurous fun she has. I’m worried about all the chemicals and pesticides sprayed on the vegetables and whether I was getting them clean enough before consumption. 

That is when I stumbled upon my safety solution. My own little insurance that gave me the peace of mind that there was something in my control which ensured a clean and safe intake for my child during this exhausting part of mother-hood. 

I realized I did not need to worry too much if I followed certain things and which also will not get in the way of the wonderful enjoyment of my kid’s antics. Clean and hygienic water. That was in my hands. And with Kent Water purifier, it became almost too easy.

So here was my cheat sheet. The moment the eyes opened in the morning, I started incorporating this clean water in my kid’s life. I realized there were so many ways apart from just drinking, that this water could ensure my kid’s health. 

Worried about my kid drinking in the germ filled tap water while brushing? I replaced it with a glass of Kent purified water. Now I don’t have to worry about her ingesting any of it. Plus, it came as a solution to save the unnecessary wastage of water. 

Worried about my kid not eating any fruits, just toss them into the blender with purified water and make yummy juices to drink. Cooking with this double purified water, always gave me that double satisfaction of ensuring that only the best goes into my kid’s stomach. Plus, the additional bonus of all the vital minerals being retained in the water even after the purification. 

Right from washing hands after playtime, to water play in the afternoons, to washing all the vegetables and fruits before eating, to cooking and cleaning, and of course drinking, I now use Kent purified water. 

Easy to use, I could depend on it even in the water shortage days as I realized that the purifier indeed helped me to avoid unwanted wastage of water. 

I no longer shudder thinking about the extreme unclean state of my overhead tanks and the cleanliness of the water in them. I no longer wince when I read in the newspaper about all the pollutants being added in the water sources. I am no longer angry or frustrated when my kid refuses to wash hands with soap. I know I have the best possible solution to all these problems and that I am giving my family the water purified in the best possible way. Kent water Purifier is my own little genie.

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