The Best Gift For A Woman, That Money Can Buy
|   Oct 21, 2016
The Best Gift For A Woman, That Money Can Buy

I had met a friend over for coffee the other day. Her son had just turned one year old and the adorable antics had begun. She was still getting the hang of leaving him with a caretaker and taking some time off for herself. The coffee meet had required a lot of convincing her from my side.  My daughter is now 3 years old and it’s much easier for me to have some “Me” time now.

Meeting her was just like our old days. Fun, gossip and laughter. After a while, she started telling me how difficult it had been. And how very tired and frustrated she had become. That is when I started observing her closely. She had dark circles beneath her eyes, making her look so very tired. She had put on weight. Not that she did not look gorgeous in any size, but it was her tiredness that caused me a major concern. She was losing hair, she was tired all the time. The baby demanded all of her time and energy.

“Why don’t you start some yoga? “ I asked her

“I don’t get any time ya. And whenever he sleeps, I am so tired that I can’t even get up and make a coffee for myself. I have to run behind him all the time now that he has started walking. Apart from that the house chores take up all of my remaining energy. I don’t even get good sleep in the night because I am over tired. I feel I have lost my old self somewhere.”

I felt really bad for her, empathizing with each and every word as I remembered my initial days with the baby. My pregnancy had been the most wonderful pampered time of my life. Everybody was so concerned about my diet and nutrition intake, my health, and my exercise. I had glowed during my pregnancy. My hair had become thick and beautiful, my skin had cleared up. And it was all because of the care that my loved ones had showered on me. And then the baby came. And all the attention was shifted to her. Her care, her food, her sleep. I had become a zombie in the first 6 months. All my attention and energy was focused on the baby as well. Being from a nuclear setup, I had no help to manage the house or the baby. I remembered being in the exact position as my friend. Tired, frustrated and overweight.

As I tied up my long hair into a ponytail, I remembered a conversation that I had with my mother. And the most beautiful gift and advice she had given me on that day. She was concerned about her baby too, just like I was concerned about my baby.

My beautiful mother had handed me a bottle and said, “You take care of everyone around you. It's time someone took care of you. In these times you want to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect daughter and all at the cost of your health. Make use of the magic potions that have been developed for taking care of wonder women like you.”

I followed her advice and things changed almost overnight. My skin started clearing up, my hair fall reduced. My energy was back. I started getting the internal motivation to exercise, just for my own sanity. I started being happier and fitter, and it reflected positively on all my relations as well. I was in a much more peaceful state of mind after that. That is when I realized that how important it is for us women that we have someone who is a strong, silent support to us in the madness of parenthood.

I looked at my friend and gave her a smile.

“I have not yet given you a baby gift right? Come with me. Let’s buy you something wonderful.”

She looked confused, but followed me. I took her to the medical store next to the coffee shop.

I asked her to stay outside. I went in and came out with a packet. I hugged her hard and placed the packet in her hands.

“This is all that you will need to be yourself again.”

We bade goodbye and I started walking towards my car. I looked back as I reached it. I saw my friend with the packet of Revital H Woman in her hands, tears in her eyes, as she waved a silent thank you towards me.

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