My Little Astronaut’s ‘Colgate Santa’
|   Mar 17, 2017
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My Little Astronaut’s ‘Colgate Santa’





 On a recent visit to the dentist for a routine check-up, I was advised ‘strictly’ to brush twice daily to maintain the good health of my teeth. I normally avoided the second time brushing owing to laziness. But I started the ritual of brushing twice and my 8 ½ year old son, Dev, actively participated.

One night, when I opened the new pack of my constant companion, Dev exclaimed with pure delight, “new Colgate”! “Wow space magic”! He then showed me the space characters on the carton. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my new Colgate pack had Magical Space Adventure characters which kids could cut and play. It also contained interesting trivia to feed the curious little sharp brains. I was amazed to see that a simple toothpaste carton could provide so much happiness to my son. Dev carefully cut the characters and started playing with them.

 Next morning, Dev was up before I could wake him and seemed much cheerful than usual. He said, “Mamma I saw a wonderful dream last night”. “Really”? I asked. “Yes mamma, I was an astronaut on a mission. My friend Radha too was with me. We were wearing heavy space suits. Mine was orange in color while hers was green. We boarded our space ship named Crowalio and left for our space journey. Our mission was to explore more about our Solar system.

Once we were in space, we decided to take a space walk. I could feel that my body had become very light. Space looked like a big black sea full of bright stars and we seemed to float in that sea. The brightest star, Sun, was on one side and the moon was on the other. Mamma you know, moon looked like a bowl of milk turned upside down”. I was listening to his story in rapt attention. He continued his story meanwhile.

“Mamma we saw some planets too but from very far. The morning and the evening star is the planet Venus. We found that Venus rotates from west to east whereas most other planets rotate from east to west. Then we sighted Saturn. It looked beautiful with its rings. There were so many of them but we came to know that these rings are made of ice, rocks and dust. We also saw a planet which was completely red in colour. On research, we found that it was planet Mars. It’s also called the red planet because it has plenty of iron oxide on its surface. The best thing that we sighted was a comet. When the comet went nearer to the sun, it got heated up and left behind a tail of dust and ice crystals.”

“Did you see Earth from the space”? I asked.

“Yes” he said. “Once the comet left, we turned to go to our space craft and then we saw the Earth. It looked the most beautiful planet of the solar system. From the space, the Earth looked like a blue planet because of the colour of the oceans. Radha and I thought that we were so fortunate to live on Earth. Suddenly both of us started missing the place we stay so we decided to come back. We boarded Crowalio and came back to the earth and crash landed and that’s how I woke up abruptly”.

I then remembered the cute little boy from Colgate Magical Space Adventure ad.He had the same wonder and amazement in his eyes like my son and his story telling skill also took shape once the Magical Space Adventure characters were in his hands.Please see the video above to see the sharp brain working.

“Dev where did you get so much knowledge about solar system”? I asked, marveling at the knowledge he shared with me a while ago.

“Mamma don’t you remember last night I was playing with Colgate space adventure characters”? He asked me.

“Yes you were”. I said.

“There was lot interesting trivia with it too. I read all of it and I read my G.K book too. Isn’t it true mamma that if you really think hard about something you would end up dreaming about it too”? He asked me.

“Yes it is possible”. I said.

“No wonder I had such a lovely dream. He concluded smiling.

Dev happily got ready for school and left while I was immersed in thoughts. I was amazed to see the creativity and the story telling skills in him.

I never knew such a simple thing could do such wonders for someone. I thanked Colgate from the core of my heart for being the ‘Super Santa’ for kids for bringing such wonderful characters on its toothpaste pack.  It motivates the kids to learn new things. It definitely widens the horizons of their creative imaginations. I am sure my little chatterbox turned astronaut would wait for the ‘Colgate Santa’ to bring more new characters which would unleash more such interesting stories. Who would have otherwise thought boring brushing could be made interesting too!!

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

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