I always craved for this time..but now??
|   Jul 12, 2017
I always craved for this time..but now??

 After being an independent girl for good five year, I left my job for marriage. My husband was working in a different city and like every couple we also wanted to live together after marriage. So I resigned that time, this is what every wife is supposed to do in such situations. 

In beginning I liked this transformation "New girl in city" types. Things seems to be exciting like setting my new home, trying out new recipes for him every now and then, do online shopping for home then decorating it and so on. Every weekend we used to go for movie and later dine out. Life was fun and I was totally loving it. 

But they say "nothing is permanent". As time passes, these things became routine. Once fun activities now became time-pass activities. I started missing my job desperately, I want to be that working women again. I applied for various vacancies in the city and went for interviews also but guess luck was not in my favor. I didn't get job anywhere and this made me diffident. I was so outgoing person before but then started becoming more reserved. I didn't show much enthusiasm for weekend activities also. All I want now was my working tag again. 

One day my friend called me, after sometime she asked me "what happened ? are you not happy in your marriage?" I get shocked. " What are you saying? I am very happy in my marriage. He is very caring and understanding and moreover he loves me a lot. There is no reason to be unhappy" I told her. "Hmmm! that's great. Then why are you sounding so dull? " she asked and I told her about my feelings. She then said " I understand what you are saying. Don't worry sooner or later you will get a job, as you have so good qualification plus experience. But look at bright side of this, right now you have time to do things that you always wanted to do, that you wouldn't manage to do with your job. I know you love dancing and reading so much, go and join some dance class, buy some books you always wanted to read. Don't just pass your time but cherish it by doing things you love. This time never come back again". "Yeah! you are right. I always craved for some free time during working span and now when I have it, I am not liking that also. I think that is the problem of all human beings. I don't know what future holds for me? but I know that present is giving me beautiful gift in form of this time." I said. When I finished that call I knew what I have to do. What I understood, want to share that with you all.

" Basically we all have is fixed time "24 hours a day". we can either pass it or make it fruitful in any manner. If we will learn to spend time wisely, it won't make much difference that where we are spending it? So all of you who are not sure of future conditions, don't get tensed with present situation, it will get pass But for now don't let your future spoil your present. "

I have learned my lesson and now trying to cherish this Present time but what about you?


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