Take charge of your life: It's now or never
|   Aug 03, 2017
Take charge of your life: It's now or never

In today fast growing world each one of us is dealing with some kind of stress. Be it of your career, your education, your family,never ending expenditure or society. Knowingly or unknowingly we are trapped in it. Sometimes it feels like that we no longer can handle our life properly or we are not having control over things. If you are also feeling same inside, this is my small trial to help you all. Nah! Nah! I am not a psychiatrist or therapist but these are the tips which helps me, whenever I am in stress. 

Before you jump into how to deal stress? finding out your stressful condition is very important. For that take out some time and analyse what is going on in your life? what are the things that is bothering you more often because living with stress is very dangerous, if not taken care of properly on time. It can make you physically and emotionally unbalanced during the course of time.

The aim of stress management is to take proper control of situation and managing your life effectively. As a result one can have time for family, friends, work or any other thing which he/she really want to do. These tips are my personal preference, some of it may not work for you. If one is not working for you then some other may so take some help from here and find out your stress buster techniques.

1. Find out the root cause of your stress: 

To deal with any problem first and most important step is to find out the cause of problem, only then we can direct our efforts to solve it. Write down your problem in a paper. You may have more then one problems to face, follow a sequence like one which is crucial at top and so on. After that you can find out ways to deal it.

2. Talk to your family and closed one's :

The biggest mistake is to keep your stress to yourself. Talk to family or friends about your problems. This way you can find out more ideas to deal with it and also you will feel lighter by sharing your problem because believe me " A hearing ear is great support, you can have any time."

3. Practice meditation , even if for short duration :

Yeah ! Yeah we know you are so busy but you have to take some time for yourself before it's late. Meditation is a great way to relieve mental tension and the good part is you don't have to do it on any particular time. whenever you are having some time your hand,  just close your eyes and try to concentrate your thoughts on singe point.  

4. Indulge yourself in some hobbies:

We can always make excuse of being too busy to avoid our hobbies but take out some time to do what you love to do. If you are not sure about what to do? join any hobby classes and invest few hours of your day to enjoy something you love. This will help you to relax more. You may try dancing, music listening, cooking, writing, gardening, reading etc.

5. Laughing is the key:

Laughing is the best medicine to relieve stress. Watch your favorite comedy show or movie. Hang out with friend who makes you laugh or do some silly things. Anyhow find ways to laugh more often.

6. Get proper sleep:

Our body require 6-8 hours of sleep to perform effectively. Try to build a habit of hitting your bed as early as possible. The quality of sleep depends on how relax our mind is? so keep your gadgets away from you and calm down your mind and body.  Also indulge in some physical activity during day time so that your body can be tired and hence you can have proper sleep at night.

7. Stand in front of a mirror and say good thing about yourself every morning :

Believe me you don't need anybody to boost your confidence, self talks are a very effective method to do so. Every morning for good five minute, talk to yourself in front of a mirror. Say things you like about your personality, behavior, lifestyle etc. For example " Wow! I didn't notice before but i have a beautiful smile."

8. Develop organizing attitude slowly:

Being organize will always help you to complete your task in time and with minimum effort. So Try to plan out the work you have to do. You can also make a "To do" list to prioritize your work.  

9. If necessary, consult a counselor 

If nothing is helping you to reduce your stress, it's better to visit a counselor. Taking advice of a health professional can prevent the harm caused by stress in any way. So don't neglect your stress but face it with full confidence and with an attitude " I can do it"

Remember life is not always bed of roses, we have to accept as it is. Take charge of your life. Only you can shape it. find out ways that gives you real happiness then only you can spread happiness around you.


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