Celebrating Womanhood with Colours
|   Mar 01, 2016
Celebrating Womanhood with Colours

When it comes to describing a woman, I can’t help but think of the various shades of colours that we bring to life! The woman in me is like a colour palette having the ability to cheer the world around, change and transform people and their moods. Drawing parallels between the two, both are beautiful and nurturing and unconditionally fulfills everyone’s wishes — woman as a lover, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a mother. Both colour and women charm life in mysterious ways. In fact, if we look at the letters that come together to form the word ‘WOMAN’, each alphabet stands for a colour that echoes womanhood- the WOMAN in her!

‘W’stands for White- symbolizing “Purity and Perfection”- just as the colour, women possess the qualities of goodness, innocence, wholeness, purity and completion. It is considered to be the colour of perfection. Both white and woman are reflective, awaken openness, define cleanliness, growth, simplicity and purity.

‘O’ stands for Orange- Colour of “Luxury and Pleasure”- Rightly known for bringing in Lady Luck, orange exudes power. Associated with the warmth of the sun and that of a mother, both the colour and woman stimulate enthusiasm and creativity. Orange means vitality with endurance and a woman is a synonym of curiosity and novelty.

‘M’ stands for Maroon- representing “Sacrifice and Bravery”. The colour has a close resemblance to red-brown usually associated with healing and the power to repel malevolent spirits. Much similar to the role a woman enhances lives and indicates a well-disciplined Red personality—one who has not come through unmarked but who has grown and matured in the process.

‘A’ is for Aqua- Creating an “Emotional Balance and Stability”. It radiates the peace, calm and tranquility of blue and the balance and growth of green with the uplifting energy of yellow. This is a colour that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, lightening feelings of isolation. It’s a similar feeling of serenity with a touch of freshness that women bring to the world.

‘N’ as Navy Blue representing both the sky and the ocean, associated with Freedom and Imagination”. The colour also represents trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom and intelligence. Women have always played a poignant part in all struggles of life, as they are free souls who believe everyone has the right to be free.

All women possess a colour palette however, the success of a color scheme depends on the harmony and balance that exists between all the colors chosen. To achieve this harmony, we have to be mindful of a few other attributes of the color and our personality traits. So be mindful and choose the right colours at the right time!!

Happy Woman's Day!

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