An unusual affair
|   Jun 10, 2017
An unusual affair

"Hey can I join you for a coffee" a new guy in her project asked Richa. She was kind enough to allow him. Little did she know that this coffee is going to create a havoc in her life. She was a social girl. Had lots of friends from both the genders. This guy Amit had recently joined and was working on a project with Richa. They soon became friends. Chatting in office they got to know each other and shared similar intrests. Amit at times dropped her home after office. He would ask her about her weekend plans, checked if she reached home whenever she had late night outings, checked on whether she had taken her medicines if she was sick. She helped him get gifts for his girlfriend, sorted out their breakups at times. When Richa was going on a leave for her marraige, she got a courier from Amit. Excitedly she opened it assuming it to be a wedding gift. There was a small ship with an anchor. A note that said "I know its too late to say but I just realised how I am going to miss you once you are gone. Please be an anchor to my ship. Please marry me". Richa had a soft corner for him for the friendship they had shared. She did not love him but she did not want to hurt him too. She denied explaining to him for hours that his girlfriend is the one who needs him the most. She knew she would miss a close friend too after this.

She never called or messaged him although she did not ignore his calls. Soon the calls stopped and they were no more in touch. After a few years, Richa realised how important it is to have transparency in relationships. She told her husband all about Amit. Her husband felt she betrayed him. He thought she never accepted him and Amit came back into her life as a solution to all their problems. How she wished she had married the more understanding one. She was blinded by love and had lost all reasoning while making the choice. The person for whom she did that didn't love her anymore. She lost her love, her friend and was all alone in life.

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