Is flirting cheating ?
|   Oct 27, 2016
Is flirting cheating ?

How often do we see two so called friends or colleagues enjoying a conversation. Is that flirting ? Ofcourse not, flirting is trying to attract someone by a conversation or touch. It is a deliberate attempt as opposed to friendship that comes naturally. 

Why do people flirt ? They need a reassurance that they are attractive enough. It boosts their confidence that they can still physically attract someone. Such people have a need to feel appreciated all the time. They would try to dress up and charm the opposite sex to keep their sexuality alive. 

Flirting can be harmless if limited to intresting conversations. At times people dont realize and move ahead to a touchy flirting which in no time goes to cheating. For people in a relationship, they should always keep their partner in confidence. Not because they dont deserve privacy but their partner has a right to know. If the intentions are only limited to harmless flirting, all partners happily give that space to make friends. Those who hide these relationships are cheating their partners. 

Some partners may also find it disrespectful since their feelings are hurt. They are giving their best to your relationship but you aren't. In such cases, "flirting is cheating ". Before indulging into adultery, everyone should put themselves into their partner's shoes and think of the situation. Flirting is cheating if anyone is emotionally or physically involved. The line between both is very thin and is often crossed unintentionally. 

All relationships have highs and lows, getting frustrated and resorting to cheating is not a wise option. The new relationship will soon become frustrating too. Instead of resorting to flirting and cheating, people should give it some time and try to work on the existing ones. Or else you will be lost looking for a perfect relationship in an infinite loop.

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